Commercial premises and business parks face two main security challenges: keeping occupants safe, and protecting buildings and contents. Often, the premises are readily accessible to the general public and as such can be targeted by potential vandals and thieves.

Buildings have multiple entry and exit points that need to be secured, and access needs to be restricted to authorized personnel within defined business hours. In many cases the premises are jointly tenanted so have additional requirements around restricting access to individual areas, as well as managing shared facilities such as carparking and common foyers.

Key features an ICT solution provides for commercial premises include:

Advanced Scheduling
Intelligent time based control of access and energy management, automatically adjusts for daylight savings and holidays

Elevator Control
Control access to elevator floors, schedule floor unlocking and even integrate with intruder detection

Door Alarm Monitoring
Monitor for forced and open too long doors. Send signals offsite via IP Monitoring or ContactID

Multiple User Credentials
Up to 8 different credentials supported per user, allowing the use of multi card technologies, biometrics and other credentials

Extended Access Time
Provides additional time for particular users to make their way through selected doors

Emergency Egress
Unlock a single door, an egress path, or the entire site to facilitate a smooth and trouble free emergency evacuation

Child Areas
Automatically arm or disarm related areas.  Can be used to arm a common area in multi-tenant situations

Scheduled Arming
Automatically arm or disarm areas based on time of day.  Use Deferred Arming to allow hardworking employees to stay late

IP Monitoring
Integrated IP monitoring on-board all Protege system controllers.  Fast, accurate, cost effective and always online

Integrated Access Control
Built in full featured access control provides user convenience and intelligent control

Integrated Intruder Detection
Built in full featured intrusion detection provides user convenience and intelligent control

Automation and Control
Integrate with 3rd party automation and lighting control systems to create a responsive environment

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