There’s a reason elephants are vegetarian. After a clumsy run-up, the eight-tonner might gather some serious speed, but it’s never going to make the most effective hunter. Now think of a panther. Compact, sleek, light on its feet. You get the idea.

Altogether more agile than your average beast

At ICT, we're committed to keeping our organization streamlined because it allows us to attack your security requirements elegantly and efficiently. Our processes are smart, our people responsive, our systems tailored. The result is a company that’s altogether more agile than your average beast.

Innovative electronic access control, in your corner

Our team is diverse enough to handle any query, but close-knit enough to ensure the right hand always communicates with the left. We apply the same targeted approach to our technology design, to provide solutions that make for cost-effective and efficient implementation and operation.

Innovation is in our DNA

With more than 35% of our staff dedicated to research and development, innovation is a core part of the ICT DNA. When you invest in an ICT solution, you gain first hand access to cutting edge technology and can rest assured that your investment is protected by the best in the industry.

100% Quality,
Fully Tested

All ICT products are fully tested (no batch testing) to ensure they meet rigorous safety criteria with a highly robust quality management system that ensures superior quality.


ICT is a world leading manufacturer of unified and intelligent electronic access control and security solutions that enable organizations to protect their people, operations and information.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, we have a global presence and an international reach. We have offices located in Denver (Colorado USA), Toronto (Canada), and Melbourne (Australia) to provide full local sales, support and service to our clients and partners around the world.

A network of market leading security professionals, and a rigorous training and quality control program, ensures first class sales, service, and support. Our partners play an integral role in our sales and support network, providing the expertize and experience to help you plan, deploy, integrate and manage an ICT solution.

Our Story

ICT was founded in 2003 with the primary vision of providing innovative and superior electronic access control and security solutions. Company founders Hayden and Rachael Burr used the experience they had gained in the Canadian market to create a business based entirely on end user needs.

Now, more than 15 years later and with ICT products and systems used every day by tens of thousands of companies worldwide, our vision remains the same – to develop innovative products that are easy to use, that integrate with existing systems to leverage investments already made, and that are manufactured to the highest of standards.

Still privately owned, the business continues to grow and develop new products through an unwavering commitment to Research & Development. Ongoing investment in state of the art production facilities in Auckland, New Zealand, ensures consistent quality with products manufactured to ISO9000 standards.

Our People

We firmly believe that our people are our biggest asset, and it’s their passion and commitment that sets ICT apart from the rest. For that reason, we work hard to create an environment that’s enjoyable and collaborative, and so that everyone is inspired to continue to achieve the impossible.

We look for team players, proactive candidates with a strong sense of responsibility, and those with a high level of initiative and an amazing drive to improve.

What Makes us Special?

We think differently. We stand out from the crowd but for all the right reasons. We innovate, we move fast, and we constantly challenge ourselves to come up with better ways of doing things.

But it’s not just about the ideas - it’s also about taking action. That’s why you won’t see a lot of red tape and formality around here. We empower our people to make decisions and take ownership of their ideas. We get stuck in, we make things happen, and - most importantly - we get results.

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