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Build a solution that meets your needs

Ever tried to fit a square peg into a round hole? Finding a system that meets ALL of your business needs can be just as difficult. At ICT, we don’t stop at off the shelf solutions. While we’ve invested a lot of resources into ensuring our solutions mean you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, there may be times when you might want to upgrade those tyres.

ICT has been built on innovation and developing solutions that focus on end user needs. With more than 35% of our staff dedicated to research and development, integration remains a key focus, allowing our customers to maximize the investment already made on technology and infrastructure.

But even superheroes have their limits. Every business has different requirements and it’s very difficult for one product to accommodate multiple needs simultaneously. While we have a growing number of off the shelf integrations, you may want to incorporate specific functionality or use a third party system that we don’t yet integrate with.

Our custom integration tools are designed to meet all of your business needs, and to ensure a Protege solution functions exactly how you want it to. This in turn can simplify your business processes and ultimately help your organization function more efficiently.

Freedom. Flexibility. Control.

We believe that freedom should mean being able to choose a solution that best suits your needs, and that flexibility should mean that as your business requirements change, the solution should adapt too. Our use of open protocols gives you total control over the end solution and ensures you aren’t constrained to specific software or hardware, enabling you to integrate with virtually any third party system or component. Your data belongs to you, so we won’t lock you out if it. Whether you want to control your system from a third party application, import your data from an external source, or create your own fully customized solution, our tools give you the access to do it.

Choose the products and tools that are most suitable for the task at hand. Our range of custom tools allow Protege to communicate with other systems, making it possible to integrate all the functions of a business into one seamless solution, providing significant benefits to the end user. Whether you utilize your own inhouse experts, hire a specialized contractor, or outsource to an offshore provider, the choice is yours. You have complete control over your development schedule and the functionality that is implemented, allowing you to tailor a solution that meets your exact needs.

100 %

the control you have over the end solution

SOAP Web Service

Develop a solution tailored to your exact needs. Whether it's building a custom interface that integrates multiple disparate systems into one cohesive solution, controlling user access based on data in an external system, or sending temperature and humidity readings to a Building Management System to conduct trend analysis, the possibilities are endless.
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Data Sync Service

Combine the power of enterprise level integrated access control with external data sources. The ability to synchronize data between the systems, reduces management time and administration while providing single data entry and enhancing efficiency.

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Automation and Control Protocol

Designed to allow third party automation products to communicate directly with Protege controllers, our Automation and Control protocol enables you to control doors, areas, outputs, inputs and variables, anywhere in the system, and to monitor their status.

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Integration with MSMQ provides the ability to transmit specific events to a queue using Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ). This allows third party applications, services, and processes, to take advantage of real time event connectivity with the ProtegeGX Server.

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The options don't stop there...

The Send Event action can be used to create and send XML events from the server, while the Serial Printer Service outputs ASCII events directly from the Controller. Both options transmit events across TCP/IP to a third party system that can then react and respond in virtual real time.

Protege also integrates with many Building Management Systems passing information via the Modbus protocol and allowing the communication and control of objects (inputs, outputs, areas, doors) from a standard industrial automation package.

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