Educational institutions create a unique challenge when it comes to implementing a security solution. Their open design provides a welcoming environment that fosters learning and offers a community atmosphere, yet at the same time they need to provide a safe learning environment and prevent unauthorized access to restricted buildings.

Most schools and universities are faced with constrained budgets and limited resources, yet are expected to protect students, staff, and valuable equipment and resources. Equipment and resources need to be tracked, managed, and safeguarded from loss or theft. With campuses spread across multiple buildings - often across multiple sites - grounds and facilities need to be openly accessible, with designated buildings and parking areas restricted to staff and authorized students.

Key features an ICT solution provides for educational institutions include:

Door Lockdown
Lockdown a single door or the whole site to restrict entry, exit or all access during an emergency situation

Advanced Scheduling
Intelligent time based control of access and energy management, automatically adjusts for daylight savings and holidays

Multiple Area Support
Multiple areas allow a building or site to be partitioned.  Area Groups give users the ability to control their own areas and arm all with one keypress

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