It’s no surprise that banks and other financial institutions have extremely high security requirements. The public need to be assured that their well-earned assets and investments are safe, and that their protection is never compromised.

Robberies and fraud pose an everyday threat, and special consideration needs to be given to the protection of cash drawers, vaults, and ATMs. Both public and personnel access needs to be tightly controlled, with multiple levels of security in place to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Key features an ICT solution provides for financial institutions include:

Dual Authentication
Requires two authorized users to supply credentials to gain access to a door

Two Factor Authentication
What you have (card) and what you know (PIN) - prevents a lost or stolen credential from being used to gain unauthorized access

Prevents users from passing their credential back for another user to borrow and stops users entering an area by following or tailgating another user

IP Monitoring
Integrated IP monitoring on-board all Protege system controllers. Fast, accurate, cost effective and always online

Duress Alarm
Allows users to arm or disarm an area as normal, but sends a silent alarm to the offsite monitoring station

Disarm Delay
Use Disarm Delay to deter armed robberies. Once a user requests an area disarm a delay timer is started.  Once expired, the area disarms

Automatic re-arm
Automatically arm an area once it has been disarmed for a defined period. Limit the duration that a user can remain in an area

Dual Code Control
Requires two authorized users to enter PINs to disarm a restricted area

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