Electronic security is an essential component of gaming industry operations, and in many areas it is a prerequisite for a gaming license. There are stringent regulations that must be followed to maintain integrity and ensure all gaming tables, slot machines, vaults, count rooms, and surveillance rooms, are closely monitored.

The demands on casino security managers are considerable with pressure to ensure that the casino's assets, staff and patrons are safe and secure in a fast moving, and often chaotic environment. Theft and equipment tampering are a common problem that must be eliminated. Key areas such as gaming tables need to be kept under surveillance, and access to restricted areas such as the cash cage or counting room need to be carefully controlled. Other casino facilities including food and beverage areas, hotel and convention rooms, and retail operations, must also be protected.

Key features an ICT solution provides for the gaming industry include:

Automatic re-arm
Automatically arm an area once it has been disarmed for a period.  Limit the duration that a user can remain in an area

Duress Alarm
Allows users to arm or disarm an area as normal, but sends a silent alarm to the offsite monitoring station

Multiple User Credentials
Up to 8 different credentials supported per user, allowing the use of multi card technologies, biometrics and other credentials

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