IP Monitoring

As technology improves and more and more services and functions are being performed online, traditional analog monitoring systems are being forced into the digital world. Copper phone lines are costly to maintain, and with line rental and user charges the cost of an analog system quickly mounts up. Moving your alarm system to a fully IP solution and utilizing your existing internet connection, can provide significant savings.

All ICT system controllers include an onboard Ethernet adapter with built in IP reporting functionality, with most controllers also including an onboard modem to communicate alarms via a traditional telephone line.

But what if you have an existing alarm panel or dialer that only supports ContactID? Enter the PostX IP Reporting Module. Designed to help transition existing alarm monitoring solutions from traditional PSTN reporting to IP capable devices with minimal effort and at a low cost, it converts any standard ContactID alarm panel to an IP reporting device with full polling and PSTN backup options.

Our ArmorIP protocol takes the ContactID message and encapsulates it inside a TCP/IP message which it then transmits across the internet to the monitoring station. It also has the ability to include additional information if available, such as panel name, event time, panel type, serial number, zone or user name, and much more.

ArmorIP Internet
Monitoring Application

Converts the ICT ArmorIP reporting protocol used by the Protege System, PostX Reporting Modules, and other third party products, for use in any Ademco 685 compliant monitoring station application.


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ArmorIP Internet
Monitoring Receiver

Comprising of a UL/ULC listed Comark Server and preinstalled with the ArmorIP Internet Monitoring Application, the ArmorIP Receiver is supplied ready to mount in a standard 19" rack.


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