Who's behind
the door?

Intercom Systems

Integrating an intercom system with access and security, provides a cohesive solution that ensures the protection of the site. With the use of an intercom, you can see or hear who is at your door before deciding to let them in, increasing security and improving communication.

Intercoms are ideal for buildings that are often frequented by visitors or couriers.  If a courier arrives at the front door and requests entry to deliver an item to the 16th floor, the receptionist can push a button to create an access path while providing accurate logging and an audit trail.

SIP Compliant Intercoms

Seamless integration between ProtegeGX and SIP compliant intercom systems, provides a full featured communication solution. Workstations are configured to register as a SIP client, allowing direct communication with an IP intercom from within the GX interface. SIP compliance allows for complex call routing, enabling communication to multiple stations at once, calls to be routed to alternative stations if they are not answered, or calls to be diverted to different units based on a time schedule.

Add intercoms to floor plans, allowing operators to monitor the status of the intercom and make and receive calls with a simple click.

Link intercoms to doors, enabling operators to communicate with a visitor before granting access remotely.

Listen and View options provide room monitoring capability by initiating a call to an intercom with microphone and/or speaker muted.

Serial Intercoms

Intercom integration can also be configured via the Intercom service in ProtegeGX providing a direct link to Siedle, Sentex Infinity Multi Point, Sentex Infinity Single, Enterphone, SES and MESH intercom solutions. The Intercom service allows automatic token generation for elevators, doors and other control functions.

Automatically pass tokens that will unlock doors and elevator floors for a defined period allowing visitor access.

Serial (RS-232) and IP connection options available.

Event logs provide a full audit trail of the user who provided access to the visitor.

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