KONE Integration

Many medical facilities, commercial buildings and residential dwellings use KONE elevator systems to control access to elevator cars and floors. Integration with Protege GX increases the security within these buildings while further improving people flow.


How it Works

The KONE elevator system provides the elevator controllers, control panels and space for installing the Protege card readers. Protege GX is then used to control access to the floors within the building and the elevator cars used to travel within it.

When a user scans their access card at a Protege Reader location next to a KONE DOP (Destination Operator Panel) or COP (Car Operating Panel), a request is sent to Protege GX to verify that the user has permission to access the selected floor. Once the user’s access has been verified, the KONE elevator system is able to automatically call an elevator to transport the user to the selected floor, quickly and efficiently.

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