Our Partners

Need an expert to get you up and running? Choose an ICT Professional

We work with the world's leading security professionals to deliver value across the globe. Whether you require someone onsite to install or service an ICT system, assistance with an integration, or a distributor that provides coverage across your region, there is an ICT professional that can meet your needs.

The ICT Dealer Network

Our ICT Dealer Network (IDN) is a program designed to ensure our customers can receive expert services, in order to leverage their ICT solution for optimal results. With an emphasis on rigorous standards, including an audited qualification process, the integrity and guidelines of the program ensure our partners can deliver high levels of customer satisfaction.

As a customer, choosing an IDN member as your ICT professional means you can rest assured that you’ve selected from the industry’s finest and they are backed by the most dynamic electronic security manufacturer in the marketplace.

As an integrator, becoming an IDN member provides you with the market-leading product innovations, support, and services, needed to ensure the high quality installation of ICT products, and the assurance that you are supported by the industry’s leading electronic security manufacturer.

IDN Beginnings

The IDN began as the brainchild of a group of integrators that approached ICT with a vision. This vision was to bring together a network of like-minded professionals, raise the standards within the industry, and ensure the high quality installation of ICT products.

Recognizing that this was a solution that would benefit everybody, especially our customers, we've taken this initiative and through a series of collaborative meetings and exercises, have worked together to make it a reality and officially establish the terms and conditions, and the benefits available to members.

Most importantly, our integrators have been involved from the very beginning and have driven the program from conception to completion. It's our expectation that the IDN will continue to evolve based on ongoing input from its members and it will encompass a truly professional group of companies.

How to Buy

If you’re an end user looking for an IDN member or qualified installer to assist you, or an integrator looking to purchase ICT products, contact us today and we will put you in touch with a professional in your area.

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