We don't normally
wear suits.
But when we do,
they have capes.

You know our name. But what about the people behind ICT and the skills and experience we offer your business? Building and supporting the best products in the industry can’t be done without the best team. Every one of our team members brings a unique set of skills and experience to the company and while we may be a very diverse bunch, we all share the same passion and enthusiasm for creating groundbreaking products that meet your needs.

Here’s just some of our awesome team...

Hayden Burr

Founder and CEO

The brains, founder and CEO of ICT, Hayden is a very hands-on, energetic individual who is well-known for his integrity, intelligence, and outright competitiveness - in everything from technical and industry knowledge and performance, to sports and outdoor pursuits. When not mentally inventing the next great thing in electronics, security and access control, Hayden can be found mountain biking, surfing, running, playing squash or hockey (among many other things, in case he should get bored).


Damon Standish

President (US)

Damon has a long-standing love of technology, and aside from extensive experience within the access control and security industry, has a diverse background which includes a spell of helicopter flying. His dedication and commitment to ICT clients and solutions means he is always on the go – a game that now involves the whole family since moving them to Colorado to take the reins of the US operation in 2015.


Damian Butters

Director of Research & Development

A founding employee, Damian has worked hands-on in every department of ICT. Alongside Hayden, he created the company's embedded product line, starting with a single alarm keypad, and expanding into one of the industry's most flexible systems. As head of R&D, he is responsible for product development at all levels, and leads an elite and innovative hand-picked development team. Not satisfied with constant “tinkering” in his working life, in his spare time he creates automated vehicle control systems for New Zealand’s film industry, and engine management systems aimed at high efficiency, high performance race vehicles.


Chris Antone

Director of Production

Responsible for the prolific ICT Production department, Chris vigilantly oversees a large and diverse team of engineers, technicians, Wave, SMT and assembly staff, ensuring nothing but the highest quality product is released in a timely and efficient manner. At home, Chris is kept in line by his wife and young twin daughters, where his authority has much less sway... Chris is originally from California, and continues his lifetime love of surfing around the various surf beaches of New Zealand.


Richard Hawker

Director of Global Sales

Despite having a young family and surviving on a large amount of broken sleep, Richard has a great enthusiasm for fitness and the great outdoors which fortunately also counters his love of craft beer and food. A keen rugby league fan and NZ Warriors supporter, he also likes to ‘experiment’ in half marathons and has even undertaken the 100km Trail Walker event. These days however, he prefers to go the extra mile for his customers.


James Robinson

Director of Sales (Asia Pacific)

As Director of Sales in the APAC region, James is understandably very busy talking, emailing, and travelling - typically all three at once. He enjoys using his technical background and expertise to impress clients with ICT’s extensive capabilities, providing state-of-the-art solutions to a diverse sector of industries.


Pat Alvaro

Director of Sales (Canada)

Having spent the last 22 years in the physical security industry in roles ranging from technical support, field sales and marketing, Pat has a deep understanding when it comes to providing guidance on a comprehensive security solution. His expertise encompasses Intrusion Detection, Access Control, Video Surveillance and Distributed Audio Systems. He has long had a passion for Access Control since it always seems to ‘open doors’ to new and exciting integration challenges. In his spare time, Pat enjoys watching Formula 1 racing, cycling, and running.


John King

Director of Sales

With over 10 years of experience in the security industry John King has done it all from installation, service, sales, and management. John spends most of his time away from the office trying to keep his four boys under control. When he and wife Nicole have time to themselves, they enjoy boating, watching football (GO PACK GO!!), snowboarding, ice fishing, snowmobiling, and riding motorcycles. John is also a veteran of the US Air Force.


Ed Chisholm

Regional Sales Manager
(US - North Eastern States)

Ed has been in the security industry for more than ten years and has held roles as a technician and, more recently, as a consultant. Married with two very active boys that keep him on his toes, when he’s not working, Ed enjoys attending his kids sporting events, boy scout events, school events. Ed is a lifelong Boston sports fan, supporting the Red Sox, Patriots, and the Bruins. He is also an avid hockey player, enjoys riding motorcycles, and tries to fit in time at the gym when he can. With a passion for technology and exceeding customer expectations, he is always striving to improve customer relationships.


Mike Hodor

Regional Sales Manager
(US - Western States)

Mike’s career with security technology began more than 20 years ago when 300 baud modems and floppy discs were still in use. His career progressed just as security technology did, and he has worked for some of the industry’s leading edge providers. When you stop moving you accelerate aging, and Mike’s not looking to do either any time soon. His energy and drive have helped him to balance his career, along with his passions for active endeavors like skiing, biking, boating, racing, hiking, and weight training, and the never-ending drama of raising teenage twins.


Ian Henderson

Non Executive Director (EMEA)

Ian has spent most of his career traveling extensively across Europe, the Middle East, USA and Asia, and working for technology companies in sales, marketing and management roles. When time allows he wants to explore the continents he hasn’t yet travelled, and would like to undertake a ‘Coast to Coast’ hike of the UK, back packing through the national parks. A few years ago, he undertook the 4 Peaks – running up and down the 4 highest mountains England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Most of his spare time is now spent maintaining his garden, undertaking DIY projects, and developing his tasting skills for red wine.


Nicholas Gouloussis

Technical Director (EMEA)

Nicholas has extensive knowledge of the security and access control industry having spent time as an ICT integrator. Based in Greece with its beautiful beaches, he used to be a kite surfer and snowboarder until spinal cord surgery put an end to the 'madness'. He is a huge basketball fan and describes himself as an annoying perfectionist. He likes to spend his weekends with his family and his ideal holidays would be summers in Greece and Christmas in London. Not a bad way to kick back and relax.


Shaun Gardner

Regional Sales Manager (NZ)

Shaun has a very unique trait - he has worked in every department at ICT. His history with us has seen him hold roles in production, tech support, and R&D, before moving into sales where his depth of company experience, product knowledge, and outstanding interpersonal skills are a true asset. He was a craft baker in Wellington for 7 years and did his apprenticeship in a pretzel factory. Outside of work, he enjoys outdoor pursuits such as mountain biking, trail running and scuba diving, and enjoys a busy homelife with his partner and twin girls.


Harriet Dunn

Regional Sales Manager

Harriet’s love of people and background in providing outstanding customer service to ICT’s clients has made her a very popular asset within the Sales team. When not liaising with customers, Harriet enthusiastically juggles a hectic social life, competing in various sporting activities and throwing herself into just about every challenge she hears of… Harriet is also very knowledgeable when it comes to ICT’s security and access control products, and enjoys demonstrating the opportunities and scope ICT solutions provide to our clients.


Euan Saunders

US Technical Support
and Training Manager

Euan is based in Denver, Colorado where he is perfectly located to enjoy some incredible snowboarding opportunities. He inherited a love of technical gadgets from his grandfather who was an inventor - taking things apart to understand how they work is one of his passions, which has evolved into providing exceptional service and technical support to the US market. Euan has broken 34 bones in his body, including both arms last year, shortly before the birth of his daughter (much to his wife’s dismay).


Daniel Horgan

Technical Trainer

Daniel brings his enthusiasm for resolving technical challenges and a highly regarded customer focus to the Technical Trainer role, where he supports clients to master a broad understanding of the complexities available within ICT systems. Daniel is exceptionally knowledgeable when it comes to sophisticated audio-visual and hi-fi equipment, which he spends much of his spare time playing with. He lives with his wife and two totally hairless Sphynx cats… a very practical choice for haters of hairy clothing.


Laura Davis

Customer Services Manager

Laura is eminently suited to the role of Customer Services Manager with her friendly, calm, and professional disposition. She is very approachable and enjoys problem solving, which she achieves in a proficient, composed manner. In her spare time, Laura plays hockey where we suspect her alter-ego kicks in and she works out any hidden aggression. After living overseas for six years, Laura has returned to Auckland’s North Shore and is enjoying being back on her home turf and familiarizing herself with ICT’s extensive client base.


Katie Cowden

Customer Services

Katie has an abundance of patience and is somehow always smiling. She brings her love of people and problem solving skills to the benefit of the Customer Services team at ICT. Katie's patience is no doubt a result of having two young daughters at home that keep her home life incredibly busy and challenging, and she is another keen, long-term hockey player to watch out for on the ICT team! When Katie's car is not broken, she can be a bit of a girl racer...


Shannon MacGibbon

Customer Services

While Katie has an abundance of patience, Shannon has an abundance of shoes! 137 pairs at last count, and she has been shopping since then. Often described as two different people in one body, Shannon enjoys outdoor activities and playing sports such as hockey, tennis and social netball, but also has a really ‘girlie’ side with an interest in make-up artistry, music and reading. No one can deny Shannon is a social butterfly, though, and she loves pretty much any social occasion where she can meet new people and clients.


Lara Erling

Customer Services (US)

Lara is mother to 3 wonderful kids, and has been married to husband Jacy for 15 years. Originally from North Dakota, she graduated from the University of North Dakota with a degree in criminal justice. Lara is a very outgoing person who loves to have a good time with family and friends. She is a country music aficionado and avid concert goer who loves to travel. When not working at ICT, you can find her at what she assures us is the best brewery in Colorado - Locavore.


Nicole Clarke

Technical Support Manager

Nicole is arguably one of the most popular people in the Support team. While not wanting to take away from her consistently bubbly personality and can-do attitude, this is mostly down to her experience and training in patisserie - she creates the most INCREDIBLE cakes. More importantly, she can often be coaxed or bribed into providing them, much to the team’s delight. Nicole is very knowledgeable on ICT products and solutions and is always happy to answer customer queries, be they big curly ones, or small and simple.


Daniel Lipscomb

Technical Support

Daniel is part of the US Technical Support team, where he enjoys sharing his wealth of technical expertize with our customers. He describes his guilty pleasure as new technology, be it phones, PCs or TVs. Daniel also loves camping and back-packing in the mountains (which are perfect pastimes when located in Denver, Colorado) and seeing live bands at concerts. Unfortunately, he and his wife Rebecca will be far too busy for these pursuits following the arrival of their second child. They are also very very tired...


Joshua Crowe

Technical Support

Joshua is a member of the US Technical Support team where he enjoys being tested on his encylopedic knowledge of ICT products. He has more than nine years' experience in the security integration industry and loves trying out new technologies. Before moving to Colorado from Rhode Island, he ran his own marine electronics company and worked with his father in their security integration business. Joshua can usually be found snowboarding or hiking in the Rocky Mountains, or playing music in Boulder and Denver.


Seth Tetley-Jones

Technical Support

Having completed a degree in Computer Science, Seth is surprised and delighted to find himself in a role where he actually deals with customers. Always keen to learn new things, he enjoys the challenge of keeping his knowledge up to date on ICT's wide range of products. Originally from Waiheke Island, Seth enjoys playing the piano and gardening, and wishes he had more time for reading and exploring new technologies outside of work.


Basil Connor

Technical Support

Basil slotted in to the support teamwith ease – not least due to his interest in and familiarity with technology and his enquiring mind around how things work. Originally from Wellington, he likes to spend his weekends tripping around getting to know new places and discovering where he can go scuba diving, or playing video games to relax.


Bryn Winters

Technical Support


Cameron Oliver

Technical Support


Harley Daun

Technical Support


We're always looking for clever talented people to join our team