Security is vital in the residential market, and in many cases can become a major selling point. Property is a significant investment and needs to be protected as such, as does our most valuable asset - family.

Whether it’s high end housing, gated communities or high-rise apartments, tenants need to feel protected without compromising on comfort and ease of access. Finding the right balance of comfort and security is important in ensuring the environment feels like a home and not a fortress.

Key features an ICT solution provides for residential premises include:

Customizable Keypad
Customize the display and function of keypads.  Can be tailored per user and per keypad to provide an intuitive user experience

Stay Arming Mode
Allows the perimeter of the building to be armed while the occupants are safe and free to move around inside

Keypad Privacy
Optional keypad privacy mode dims backlighting to prevent lighting up bedrooms at night and hides the area status display from prying eyes

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