Loss of assets through shoplifting, theft, and burglary pose the greatest risk to the retail sector as it threatens profitability and can impact on the economic viability of the business. Robberies or armed hold-ups present a similar threat, but with the added risk to staff safety.

Premises need to be readily accessible to the general public, yet protected from shoplifters and other criminal elements. Only authorized staff should have access to restricted areas such as stock rooms, and in most cases access should be limited to opening hours to prevent employee theft.

Key features an ICT solution provides for the retail sector include:

IP Monitoring
Integrated IP monitoring on-board all Protege system controllers.  Fast, accurate, cost effective and always online

Duress Alarm
Allows users to arm or disarm an area as normal, but sends a silent alarm to the offsite monitoring station

Integrated Intruder Detection
Built in full featured intrusion detection provides user convenience and intelligent control

Automation and Control
Integrate with 3rd party automation and lighting control systems to create a responsive environment

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