ProtegeGX and SALTO

Keyless access.
Made easy.

The high level integration between Protege GX and SALTO enables you to seamlessly combine the real time power of online doors with the versatility and cost effectiveness of offline doors to give your access control system true flexibility.

One system. One solution.

An answer for everything

How it Works

The SALTO wireless system combines the efficiency of both online and offline applications in a single system. Wireless locks use radio frequency technology to communicate with the Gateway, which in turn communicate with the server via ethernet and provide real-time information that is then used to permit, control or deny access.

The SALTO virtual network (or data on card) system allows standalone offline locks to read, receive and write information via smart cards. Data is captured from cards at online hot spots (a wired reader also referred to as a Ubox) located at strategic points around the building and the hot spot uploads and downloads user related information, including updates to the ‘blacklist’. These changes are written to the card and quickly spread through the system as the card is presented at each offline lock and the information stored on the lock is updated.

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