PRX-TSEC-STDPRX-TSEC-STD - tSec Standard RFID Card ReaderPRX-TSEC-STD - tSec Standard RFID Card ReaderPRX-TSEC-STD - tSec Standard RFID Card ReaderPRX-TSEC-STD - tSec Standard RFID Card Reader

TSEC Standard RFID Card Reader


The tSec Standard RFID Card Reader provides a complete multi-technology smart card solution. Compatible with all Wiegand data capable control systems and incorporating RS-485 communication, tSec Readers allow rapid deployment of secure technology in any environment. Available in multiple card capabilities (DESFire, MIFARE, and 125kHz cards), with an optional keypad, and in a choice of black or white, you can select the model to fit your needs and your decor.

Key Features:

Optional Features

A range of optional features means there is a model to suit everyone.

  • Available with or without capacitive touch keypad
  • Choose from the 13.56MHz (DESFire/MIFARE) card reader or the Multi-Technology model that supports both 13.56MHz and 125kHz formats
  • Optional Bluetooth® / NFC connectivity to allow access via a smartphone
  • Opt for either black or white according to your decor

Multi Card Technology

Available with 13.56MHz smart card capability, or as a multi technology reader that combines both 125kHz proximity and 13.56MHz capabilities in a single unit delivering maximum compatibility while providing a path forward to the latest technology. The multi technology reader is ideal for organizations that wish to transition to smart technology at their own pace, as it means they don’t need to replace all their cards upfront.

Optional Bluetooth® / NFC Credential Reading

Bluetooth / NFC capability enables you to use your smartphone as your access credential for maximum convenience. Equipped with support for most modern iOS and Android devices, you can unlock the door using a unique access credential that is entered against your user record in Protege, and authenticated by a secure cloud based server.*

Flexible Communication

Choose between the intelligent RS-485 connection for fast, flexible, secure communication, or Wiegand for compatibility with all standard access control systems. RS-485 provides the added benefits of being easier and more cost effective to wire and deploy, and allows for direct integration with Protege systems enabling you to make changes on the fly once readers are installed. RS-485 also allows for longer cable runs and offers a simpler firmware update process.

OSDP Communication

The OSDP protocol improves interoperability and adds scalability, flexibility and ease of implementation. OSDP with Secure Channel offers additional security with AES-128 encryption and predefined key management and authentication. For specifications and reader configuration, refer to AN-321 Configuring tSec Multi-Technology Card Readers for OSDP Communication, available from the ICT website.

Configurable LED Strip

The tSec reader provides the ability to change the color of the LED strip (16 colors available) to show when a function has started, succeeded or failed. For example, when a function is used to arm an area, you can set the LED to change to purple to show that the function has started, yellow to show that the area has armed successfully, and red to indicate that the function has failed.

This feature is only supported when wired using RS-485.

IP65 Protection

The IP65 environmental rating provides a high degree of protection from the elements, making the tSec reader suitable for harsh environments. Readers can be mounted indoors or outdoors, located anywhere from the car park gate to the office door.

Optional Vandal Resistant Cover

Designed to withstand some of the harshest settings, the optional vandal resistant covers are ideal for locations where a card reader may be exposed to damage, including corridors, parking buildings, correctional facilities, and other public places. Highly resistant to impact, such as from the swing of a hammer or baseball bat, its robust construction provides greater durability and protection against vandalism and malicious damage. The flush design also serves as an anti-ligature measure for an additional level of safety.

Note that regular keypad variations of the tSec range do not operate correctly with the vandal resistant covers that are provided separately. You must order the reader as a kit (including the cover) using the relevant part codes

Ordering Information
Operating Voltage PRX-TSEC-STD
Power Supply
Operating Voltage 12VDC (9.5 to 14VDC)
Operating Current 254mA (peak, reading)
Card Read Range MIFARE 60mm (2.36")*
DESFire EV1/EV2 ISO 15mm (0.6")*
125kHz Clamshell 40mm (1.57")^
Tag Read Range MIFARE 30mm (1.2")*
DESFire EV1/EV2 ISO 6mm (0.23")*
125kHz 25mm (0.98")^
Wiegand Interface Multiple format 26 or 34 Bit data 0 and data 1, card defined.
Frequency 13.56 MHz ISO/IEC 14443 Type A*
125kHz pulse width modulated^
Multi Conductor Cable Wiegand: 22Awg alpha 5196, 5198, 18Awg alpha 5386, 5388. Max Distance 150m (492ft)
Module comms/RS485: Belden 9842 or equivalent. Max distance 900m (3000ft)
OSDP Communication OSDP standard 2.1.5 with Secure Channel Protocol ** / ***
Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
Bluetooth Read Range Proximity mode: up to 0.5m (1.6ft) Configurable**
Action unlock (shake): up to 5m (16.4ft) Configurable**
Bluetooth Electronic credential transmission technology NRF8001 Bluetooth 4.0 compliant
Proprietary data exchange protocol. AES128 Encrypted
Reader App Version: 1.04.175 and above
Credentials can be distinguished by unique site code and card number
Bluetooth Wireless Device Protege Mobile 1.0.x
NFC Read Range Up to 60mm***
NFC (Near-field communication) Electronic credential transmission technology Android 4.4 or above, with phones which support ISO7816-4
Proprietary Secured DESFire credential Credential is AES-256 (NIST certified AES algorithm)
Reader App Version: 1.04.175 and above
Credentials can be distinguished by unique site code and card number
NFC Wireless Device Protege Mobile 1.0.x
Operating Conditions
Environment IP Rating IP65
Operating Temperature UL/ULC -35° to 66°C (-31° to 151°F) : EU EN -40° to 70°C (-40° to 158°F)
Storage Temperature -10° to 85°C (14° to 185°F)
Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) 520,834 hours (calculated using RFD 2000 (UTE C 80-810) Standard)
Reader Dimensions (H x W x D) 117 x 46 x 18mm (4.61 x 1.81 x 0.71")
Net Weight 110g (3.9oz)
Gross Weight 130g (4.6oz)

*Applies to MIFARE/DESFire and Multi-Technology models only
^Applies to 125kHz and Multi-Technology models only
**Applies to 125kHz and Multi-Technology models only
***Applies to 125kHz and Multi-Technology models only

Model Comparison

Black White Keypad 125kHz 13.56MHz Bluetooth NFC Vandal Cover
PRX-TSEC-MINI-B tSec NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Reader Mini Mullion Black
PRX-TSEC-MINI-BT-B tSec Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Reader Mini Mullion Black
PRX-TSEC-MINI-DF-B tSec NFC/13.56MHz Reader Mini Mullion Black
PRX-TSEC-MINI-125-B tSec 125kHz Reader Mini Mullion Black
PRX-TSEC-MINI-BT-W tSec Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Reader Mini Mullion White
PRX-TSEC-MINI-DF-BT-B tSec Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz Reader Mini Mullion Black
PRX-TSEC-STD-B tSec NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Reader Mullion Black        
PRX-TSEC-STD-BT-B tSec Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Reader Mullion Black      
PRX-TSEC-STD-DF-B tSec NFC/13.56MHz Reader Mullion Black          
PRX-TSEC-STD-DF-KP-B tSec NFC/13.56MHz Keypad Reader Mullion Black        
PRX-TSEC-STD-DF-KP-BT-B tSec Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz Keypad Reader Mullion Black      
PRX-TSEC-STD-125-B tSec 125kHz Reader Mullion Black
PRX-TSEC-STD-KP-B tSec NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Keypad Reader Keypad Mullion Black      
PRX-TSEC-STD-KP-BT-B tSec Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Reader Keypad Mullion Black    
PRX-TSEC-STD-KP-BT-W tSec Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Reader Keypad Mullion White    
PRX-TSEC-STD-KP-BT-B-VRC tSec Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Reader Keypad Mullion Black, Vandal Resistant  
PRX-TSEC-STD-BT-W tSec Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Reader Mullion White      
PRX-TSEC-STD-DF-BT-B tSec Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz Reader Mullion Black          
PRX-TSEC-EXTRA-BT-B tSec Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Reader Wall Black      
PRX-TSEC-EXTRA-125-B tSec 125kHz Reader Wall Black
PRX-TSEC-EXTRA-KP-BT-B tSec Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Reader Keypad Wall Black    
PRX-TSEC-EXTRA-BT-W tSec Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Reader Wall White      
PRX-TSEC-EXTRA-KP-BT-W tSec Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Reader Keypad Wall White    
PRX-TSEC-EXTRA-KP-B tSec NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Reader Keypad Wall Black      
PRX-TSEC-EXTRA-KP-BT-B-VRC tSec VRC Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Reader Keypad Wall Black Vandal Resistant  
PRX-TSEC-EXTRA-DF-KP-B tSec NFC/13.56MHz Reader Keypad Wall Black  
PRX-TSEC-EXTRA-DF-BT-B tSec Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz Reader Wall Black  
PRX-TSEC-EXTRA-DF-B tSec 13.56MHz Reader Wall Switch Black  

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