Moving from Verex
to Protege GX

Switch to Protege GX today

With Interlogix winding down operations and ceasing production of Verex by the end of 2019, many are asking, what now? Fortunately for you, we're committed to continual innovation and market expansion – ensuring that when you invest in ICT, you're getting unified access control and intruder detection systems with the support to help your business grow.

Why choose Protege GX?

Protege GX is an enterprise level integrated access control, intruder detection, and building automation solution with a feature set that is easy to operate, simple to integrate, and effortless to extend.

Easy to Operate

Designed with the end user in mind, Protege GX offers an intuitive and user friendly interface with graphical floor plans and highly customizable status pages for controlling and monitoring the system. Customizable alarm and event filters enable you to sort and categorize the event and alarm data that is shown. Display information relevant to your site and setup - not your neighbors.

Simple to Integrate

Integration with a wide range of third party systems enables you to maximize the infrastructure and IT investments you already have available on site while adding value to existing technology. ICT's open Automation and Control protocol allows third party developers to create custom integrations that communicate directly with the Protege GX Controller.

Effortless to Extend

The modular design and scalable licensing model makes Protege GX suitable for everyone – from small single door systems right through to large multi-national corporations. Modular expansion allows the system to grow with you and proves to be very cost effective as you only add Expander modules and optional functionality as you need.

How can ICT help?

Making the switch from Verex to Protege doesn’t mean you need to start from scratch or perform a total rip and replace. With minimal upfront investment, you can take your time with the transition while taking advantage of a solution that meets both current and future requirements.

As a Verex Dealer

Supporting and servicing a product line that can’t be easily replaced or repaired after 2019 is bound to cause problems when it comes to maintaining your existing customers and acquiring new business. But we all know that moving to a new product offering can be a painful and often costly exercise. If you're a Verex dealer, time is limited, and we’re sure that you’re already on the lookout for a new access control and intruder detection partner.

How can ICT help?

  • Offer transitional support for your legacy Verex system while continuing development and innovation across the Protege product line.
  • Help to cultivate real business growth with a platform that is feature packed and constantly evolving.

As a Verex System Owner

Security systems, especially enterprise level systems, are a significant investment. If your organization is currently running a Verex system, you may face various issues in the future. While the current platform may do the job today, you will run into difficultly if you want to expand the system, avoid the latest security threats and keep your software and hardware up to date.

Whether you make the switch now, or when a problem arises, it could be a costly exercise – unless you move forward with Protege.

How can ICT help?

  • Provide a smooth and staged migration plan alongside certified installation professionals
  • Offer the ability to extend your existing system as your business grows
  • Upgrade failed modules used in your existing system
  • Quickly resolve any future security threats through OS and SQL Server updates
  • Respond to security trends with a flexible and constantly developed platform

Designed for the end user

Designed with the end user in mind, Protege GX offers an intuitive and user friendly interface with graphical floor plans and highly customizable status pages for controlling and monitoring the system. Customizable alarm and event filters enable you to sort and categorize the event and alarm data that is shown - display information relevant to your site and setup, not your neighbors.

Graphical floor plans give you a visual representation of your site and are a quick and efficient way to control and monitor your Protege system.

  • Quickly arm and disarm areas, control doors and outputs, and view input status and live variable information.
  • Associate graphical icons with devices to control and monitor the system
  • Drag and drop buttons to allow an easy browser like feel to navigate between floor plans and live camera feeds
  • Display the real time status of devices and objects on your system
  • Using event filters and alarms, you can jump to a floor plan based on an alarm condition or trigger

Fully customizable, status pages provide an intuitive graphical interface that minimizes the learning curve allowing new users to get up to speed quickly. The flexible design enables you to include the content relevant to your site, for a sitewide overview or allowing you to drill down to show more detail. Include any combination of:

  • Status lists that dynamically update to display the real time status of attached devices
  • Floor plans that display a visual representation of the site and the real time status of devices
  • Live video feeds from an integrated camera
  • Event reports filtered to include only the events you wish to view
  • Variables that return information on changeable data such as room temperature or humidity levels

Customizable alarm and event filters enable you to sort and filter what and how information is displayed to an operator. Filtering the noise and showing only what is relevant improves efficiency and ensures an accurate response to incidents.

  • Create event filters that match a particular record or event type
  • Filter status lists by status, such as open doors or areas that are armed
  • Event types can be color coded to make particular types of events stand out to an operator
  • User images can be shown inside live event and alarm windows

Endless integration possibilities

Integration with a wide range of third party systems enables you to maximize the infrastructure and IT investments you already have available on site while adding value to existing technology. If an off the shelf solution doesn’t meet your needs, we have a range of custom integration tools that give you total flexibility to utilize your own experts and tailor a solution that does.

Video Management Systems

Combine the power of Protege GX with third party video management systems to create a full featured and cohesive solution. Seamless integration enables you to control cameras, and view live and historical video footage from a single easy to use interface.

Wireless Locking Solutions

Expand your existing access control system without the limitations, cost, and inconvenience normally associated with hard wired doors by integrating your Protege system with a wireless and offline locking solution.

Elevator Systems

Protege GX is not limited to controlling access to doors. Buildings that have elevators often require access to floors to be controlled as well. Elevator integration links elevator control systems with ICT’s Protege system to increase building security and improve the flow of people.


From unlocking smartphones to airport security, biometric technology has become part of our everyday life. Many businesses now use biometrics as a way to authenticate users and safeguard their enterprise.

Building Management Systems

Access Control systems carry a lot of information about your building and its occupancy. Combine this with a Building Management System (BMS) to create a smart building that can make some very intelligent decisions.

Custom Integration Tools

But we don’t stop at off the shelf solutions. While we’ve invested a lot of resources into ensuring you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, there may be times when you want to upgrade those tyres. Our custom integration tools give you the freedom to utilize your own experts to tailor a solution that meets your exact needs.

Information at your fingertips

Getting the information you need has never been easier or more accessible. Protege GX has a range of reports and you can even generate reports automatically at scheduled times and have them sent to a defined user via email.

Event Reports enable you to view exactly what is happening within the system. Events are categorized for easy identification and details can be readily filtered to show only relevant events.

Muster Reports enable you to generate a report that lists all users for specified areas within the system. Using the entry and exit readers associated with a door, the report creates a list of users that are present when the report is generated.

Attendance Reports make it easy to track and monitor staff movements on site, assisting with payroll and HR management. View summary pages and detailed reports of employee time and attendance with pinpoint accuracy.

User Reports contain detailed information on the users (or cardholders) in your system. Quickly determine information such as which users have access to selected doors, have triggered defined events, or have cards due to expire.

All reports can be exported to a wide range of formats including PDF, HTML, XLS, and CSV.

Explore the freedom
of web based access control

With no software to deploy to end user PCs, the ProtegeGX Web Client is an optional licensed module that provides a truly cross-platform solution, working on any platform and any device with a modern web browser.

Whether you’re an integrator looking to offer a Software as a Service (SaaS) model to your customers, a large corporate business wishing to incorporate ProtegeGX into your intranet, or you need a cost effective solution to manage the security for a multi-tenanted building, the ProtegeGX Web Client has the answer.

Installed on a web server, the web client uses the SOAP service to communicate with the ProtegeGX server. These components may be installed on the same machine as the ProtegeGX server, or on a separate physical server.

Unified Interface

Businesses can incorporate the web client into their intranet to build a single unified system that controls multiple applications from a single centrally managed location. With no software to deploy, setup and maintenance is kept to a minimum, while allowing the organization to scale usage as fast and as much as required without adding costly infrastructure.

Software as a Service

Integrators can use the web client to provide a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. With the ability to modify stylesheets to conform to corporate branding, and control the elements that are displayed to the end user, it’s easy to build an interface tailored to the end user. With no software to install or maintain, and a central point of management, there’s more time to focus on other things.

Tenanted Buildings

The web client provides an ideal solution for multi-tenanted buildings where each tenant has their own isolated network and where traditional software would be complicated and expensive to install. The web client uses the tenant’s own internet connection, simplifying installation while allowing each tenant to manage and control their users, areas, access levels, and schedules.

Protege Mobile

ICT's mobile solution complements your Protege GX access control system by enabling secure access and control, all with a touch from your smartphone.

Mobile Credentials

Mobile Credentials are virtual credentials that provide card-free access via a smartphone.

As an end user, mobile credentials provide the flexibility and added convenience of card-free access from a mobile device. No more issues with lost or forgotten cards and tags. Simply present your smartphone within range of the reader to gain entry. Customize the read range, and you don’t even need to take your phone out of your pocket.

As an integrator, mobile credentials eliminate the time spent handling physical access cards, and with everything managed online, there’s no shipping so customers can access them immediately. Multiple credentials can be stored on a single device – which is great for those managing multiple sites.

Mobile Control

Use the Protege Mobile App to monitor and control your business while on the go. With the swipe of a finger you can connect to any of your sites, check the status, arm or disarm, control lights, locks, signage, heating – even cameras - from anywhere, at any time.

Instant Awareness

No more second guessing whether you set the alarm before you left the office – the app provides instant awareness of system status, and enables you to arm or disarm with a simple tap. Fumbling for your access card becomes a thing of the past as you can use your phone to unlock and open the door. A couple more taps and you have the heating and lights turned on, transforming a cold, dark, unwelcoming office into a warm and inviting environment.

Peace of Mind

Subscribe to push notifications to receive alerts of system or sensor activity. As a business owner, you see that the system is disarmed at the start of the day, and rearmed when everyone goes home. And of course, you’re alerted promptly of any alarms.

Effortless to Extend.

Business doesn't stand still, so you need a solution that can keep pace with your changing requirements. The enterprise licensing model in Protege GX allows you to expand your site with ease, providing a solution that grows with you.
No strings attached.

Optional features and a flexible model ensures you get the functionality you need, without paying for the features you don’t. The base license comes packed with many extras including powerful reporting capability, CCTV integration, fully customizable status pages, graphical floor plans, and no limits on the number of users, events, schedules, areas, or hardware expansion.

Flexible license packs are available for doors, cameras, and many other features, enabling you to easily extend your system as your business grows. A ceiling (or license cap) prevents runaway license costs and ensures that right from the start, you know exactly how much the software is going to cost, no matter how much the system expands. And with zero software maintenance fees, there are no ongoing costs or unwelcome invoices each year. No strings attached.

Built tough
Industry standard DIN Rail.

Designed with an industry standard DIN Rail mount enclosure, the DIN Rail range not only looks great, it integrates seamlessly into large scale installations alongside high end HVAC and electrical switchboard components.

Enclosed design provides more durability and protects internal circuitry from physical damage or electrostatic discharge.

Front panel LED indicators show the status of devices at a glance, making servicing and diagnosis quick and simple.

Compact size translates to a higher installation density, taking up less valuable real estate and providing you more control in less space.

Removable plug-in terminals allow for easy servicing and rapid deployment.

An optional extended 5 year warranty may be applied for when installed by an IDN member.

Listed to UL/ULC standards, and compliant with the FCC, CE, and C-Tick international safety and emission standards.

tSec Reader Technology

Smart, stylish, and secure, and with a range of optional features, the tSec readers have a solution for everyone. Available in three sizes, multiple card capabilities, with an optional keypad, and in a choice of black or white, you can select the model to fit your needs and your decor.

Bluetooth and NFC Support

Equipped with Bluetooth and NFC capability, our latest tSec readers can be used in conjunction with the Protege Mobile App and ICT Mobile Credentials enabling doors to be unlocked using a smartphone for maximum convenience.

Multi Card Technology

Available with either 125kHz proximity or 13.56MHz smart card capability, or as a multi technology reader that combines both capabilities in a single unit, the tSec range delivers maximum compatibility while providing a path forward to the latest technology. The Multi Technology Reader is ideal for organizations that wish to transition to smart technology at their own pace, as it means they don't need to replace all their cards upfront.

Flexible Communication

Choose intelligent RS-485 connection for fast, flexible, secure communication, or Wiegand for compatibility with all standard access control systems. RS-485 provides the added benefits of being easier and more cost effective to wire, and allows direct integration with Protege systems enabling you to make changes on the fly once readers are installed. RS-485 also allows for longer cable runs and a simpler firmware update process.

Ready to secure your future?