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Web SOAP interface

The ProtegeGX SOAP Web Service provides endless integration possibilities enabling you to develop a solution tailored to your exact needs. From building a custom interface that integrates multiple disparate systems into one cohesive solution, to controlling user access based on data in an external system, or sending temperature and humidity readings to a Building Management System to conduct trend analysis, the possibilities are endless.

Whatever your requirements, if there isn't an out of the box solution to suit your needs, the web service gives you the freedom and flexibility to develop one that does. Utilize your own inhouse experts or outsource to an offshore provider, the choice is yours.

Unlimited Possibilities

SOAP exposes all of the functionality found in the Protege GX interface allowing it to be used in a multitude of ways. From building your own custom web application tailored to your specific business needs, to integrating Protege GX functionality into a physical device with buttons to unlock doors and disarm areas, the potential with the Protege GX SOAP Web Service is virtually unlimited.

Build a Cohesive Solution

Every day, businesses use multiple disparate systems to manage their day to day operations. There’s multiple systems to manage people: staff, contractors, students, patients, visitors; there’s multiple systems to manage processes: MRP, ERP, CRM to name a few; there’s systems to manage assets, there’s systems to manage buildings... and so the list goes on. The web service enables these systems to be integrated seamlessly into an Intranet or a custom built interface to create a truly cohesive solution.

Central Management

A centralized property management company that has multiple clients with sites installed across different locations, can use the web service to develop an interface that allows them to remotely control and manage all their clients from one system. Event data can be used to monitor lock cycles and automatically trigger a maintenance request once a certain threshold is reached.

Pay Per Use / Automated Billing

As well as tracking time, data from access events can be used as part of an automated billing solution. A health club may have members that use additional facilities such as squash courts and saunas, or attend group fitness classes not covered by their standard membership package. The web service can be used to develop an integration that not only controls access, but also sends the event details to an accounting package to manage payment.

Keeping Users Updated

Most businesses have an HR or compliance management system that holds personnel data, including staff training records, current first aid certification, and the status of any special licenses held. Using the web service, you can take this data and add it to Protege GX user records, allowing you to control employee access based on their current status. For example, if their H&S certification has expired, they may be prevented from accessing a construction site or an area containing hazardous materials. If the record is updated in the HR system, the user details are updated automatically, removing the need to maintain data in both places.

In much the same way, an educational institution can use the web service to extract enrolment data from a student management system and use this to control student access based on the course they are enroled on and their current timetable.

Monitoring Time

While Time and Attendance reports eliminate the need for a separate timekeeping system, many businesses already have such a system in place or require the functionality to be integrated with their existing systems and workflows. Whether it’s tracking staff hours for payroll, keeping a record of student attendance to ensure minimum course requirements are met, or monitoring who is onsite and where they are for compliance purposes, the access events recorded in Protege provide the information these systems need. The web service is ideal for transferring that data to the external system.

Smart Schedules

A manufacturing plant may use an MRP system to plan, schedule, and monitor production. Using the web service, data from this system can be used to automatically adjust schedules in Protege GX based on rostered production hours, ensuring staff have access during overtime, and that lighting and HVAC is adequately controlled.

Building Control and Energy Management

Take control of meeting rooms and shared facilities by using the web service to activate lighting, unlock doors and enable elevators based on calendar information held in a booking system. Temperature and humidity readings can be sent to a Building Management System to monitor the environment, conduct trend analysis, and manage energy efficiency.

Temporary Access

Freight and courier firms have systems in place that automatically dispatch and track orders as they are placed. But when drivers need to enter a secured area to make a delivery, it’s a manual process that usually involves human intervention. The web service can be used to create an integration using the job information to automate temporary access for drivers, creating a user record with the job number as the PIN, and assigning an access level with an expiry date that matches the expected duration on site.

And Much Much More...

These are just a tiny fraction of the potential uses for the web service. Whatever your requirements, if there isn’t an out of the box solution to suit your needs, the web service provides the tools for you to develop one that does.

How it works:

The Software Development Kit (SDK) includes all the development tools necessary, including API documentation and sample code, to write a custom interface or build a custom integration to the ProtegeGX Server.

The web service sits between Protege GX and the third party application and communicates using SOAP - an XML-based messaging protocol that is used to exchange information between systems. It is not limited to a specific operating system or programming language, enabling developers to build a solution for any system that can formulate and understand SOAP messages.

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