Active Directory Integration

Taking the hard work out of user management

Organizations from almost all sectors - IT, manufacturing, healthcare, and finance to name just a few - use Active Directory services to provide centralized management of their servers, workstations, and users.

Protege GX's Active Directory integrations provide synchronization and authentication for Active Directory users enabling these organizations to leverage on the user management and security policies that AD provides.

Active Directory for Operator Management

Active Directory integration enables operators to login to Protege GX automatically using their Windows credentials, providing centralized authentication and the convenience of single sign-on. Operators have one less password to remember, yet receive all the same password restrictions and security policies for that password as provided by Active Directory.

Active Directory details are configured under each operator record, and once defined, the operator can select the option to use Windows Authentication. Protege then uses the operators Windows network domain and user name automatically as authentication.

Active Directory User Integration

Active Directory integration enables you to leverage off the user data already contained in your Microsoft Windows Domain to create and maintain Protege GX users. This integration works by obtaining a list of users based on the defined Active Directory group, importing the user names and current AD status (active or disabled), then synchronizing them every ten minutes.

New users are automatically added to Protege GX as they are added to Active Directory without the need for administrators to intervene.

Synchronization ensures that if there are any changes made to the Active Directory profile, then the Protege GX user record is updated, and if a user is disabled or deleted within Active Directory, their Protege GX user account is also disabled.

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