Introducing Protege WX

Tomorrow’s Technology Today

At ICT we’re committed to delivering industry-leading technology straight to the people who need it most. Now we’ve redefined electronic security to bring you Protege WX - an all-in-one solution that makes electronic access control, intrusion and building automation even more accessible.

With no software to install, Protege WX is an out of the box solution that ships ready to plug and play. An intuitive web-based interface provides truly cross-platform, anywhere anytime ease of access. Don't settle for being confined to a single workstation. Use your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone - all you need is a web browser and you have access to Protege WX.

Feature highlights include:

Learning is a breeze. Program your site from start to finish without the need for training or complicated procedures. Protege WX launches in basic mode with full access control and intrusion detection ready to go. Enrol on an optional WXpert course to unlock advanced mode including building automation, programmable functions, elevator control, and additional advanced features.

The future is here.

* Protege GX can only be purchased and installed by current IDN members

[Admin - 15th May 2013]