First Impressions Count

Introducing the Protege Touchscreen Entry Station

First impressions are everything. Located at the main entrance, the 17” touchscreen entry station is likely to be the first thing people notice as they approach the building. Designed to operate as a standalone unit, or as part of a complete integrated Protege solution, the entry station provides an intuitive interface for visitors to communicate with tenants, building management, a concierge, or even to off-site locations, such as directly linking guests with corporate housing owners.

When integrated with a Protege GX or Protege WX controller, you can program functions that enable you to use the entry station to unlock the doors leading to your apartment, trigger lighting along the way, and even summon the appropriate elevator.

With full VoIP capability, the entry station offers seamless communication between the front door and the tenants listed in the directory, and the built-in HD wide-angle camera provides tenants with a simple way to visually identify visitors.

The large 17” full-color screen provides convenient advertising real estate when not in use and can be used to display revolving adverts, including property for sale, leasing opportunities, add-on services, or community messages. Whether entry is granted by a tenant, offsite property manager, or onsite staff, every event is logged to provide a complete audit trail.

Feature Highlights:

For standard wall mounting, the Entry Station can be installed using either a Surface Mount or Flush Mount enclosure. Alternatively, the Entry Station can be mounted on a steel plinth or stand for use as a kiosk. 

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