Half the Size. All the Capacity.

ICT's new half DIN Dual Stack Input and Output Expanders might look small, but they pack all the punch of their full size counterparts.

With a compact two-tier half DIN Rail module design, the units provide all the same functionality from one compact unit – translating to a higher installation density and taking up less valuable real estate to provide more control in less space.

Protege Half DIN Rail 16 Input Expander

Extends the system by providing 16 multipurpose inputs, ideal for adding PIR’s and wireless receivers.

  • Connect any combination of normally closed or normally open inputs
  • Multi-state input alarm using resistors to provide short, alarm, closed and tamper conditions

Protege Half DIN Rail 8 Output Expander

Extends the system by providing 8 Form C relay outputs, ideal for direct integrated control and lighting.

  • 8 Form C relays capable of switching resistive loads up to 5 Amps
  • LED indicators show the status of all onboard relays
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The units are compatible with both ProtegeGX and ProtegeWX.

For more information on how the new Half DIN units can benefit your organization, contact your local sales rep.

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