Out with the old. In with the new.

Introducing the Protege DIN Rail 8 Port F/2F Reader Expander

Many existing Casi-Rusco Secure Perfect, Picture Perfect & GE Micro-5 systems require replacement or upgrade as the platform reaches its end of life. Installations can be large (10,000+ doors) which makes replacing the entire system cost prohibitive.

ICT’s new Protege 8 Port F/2F Reader Expander is a cost effective solution that gives integrators the ability to take over these sites without the need to replace/rewire existing readers.

Installation simply involves removing the circuit boards and card cage from the existing Casi-Rusco enclosure. DIN Rail mounting strip is then installed inside the enclosure, and the replacement Protege hardware modules connected. This provides a more robust solution than that offered by other providers which simply replace the circuit boards and continue to use the outdated and fragile card cage.

Key Benefits:

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[Admin - 7th Nov 2017]