Mike Hodor Appointed as US Western States Regional Sales Manager

Integrated Control Technology are pleased to announce the appointment of Mike Hodor to the role of US Western States Regional Sales Manager.

Security technology has been Mike’s career for more than 20 years. Back then, 300 baud modems and floppy discs were still in use, but his career progressed just as security technology did, and he has had opportunities to work for some of the industry’s leading edge (and even bleeding edge) technology providers.

Mike’s energy and drive have helped him to balance his career, along with his passions for active endeavors like skiing, biking, boating, racing, hiking, and weight training, and the never-ending drama of raising his teenage twins. When you stop moving you accelerate aging, and Mike’s not looking to do either any time soon. His love of music has resulted in an encyclopedic recall of some of the best rock & roll music ever created. Just don’t expect him to recite lyrics to the mumble rap music that his kids force him to play during the drive to school in the morning. That he can’t do.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Mike to the team at ICT.

[Admin - 15th Feb 2018]