Congratulations to Unitec Institute of Technology

We'd like to congratulate Unitec Institute of Technology for picking up overall honors at the 2018 New Zealand Workplace Health and Safety Awards. The awards showcased a range of innovative health and safety initiatives, as well as the people behind them. Judged by a panel of industry insiders, it was Unitec's handling of critical risk that secured the award.

Working alongside Unitec and the ARA Group, ICT developed the technology required to manage students using the equipment that could possibly cause injury in their Trade School building.

By using the tSec Extra Card Holder, Unitec ensures that only authorized students can operate the machines. When one of these students places their access card in the holder, the machine turns on. When operating, the reader continuously verifies the card is still present. And if the card is removed, the machine automatically shuts down.

Before a student is considered authorized and assigned access in ProtegeGX, they are taken through an online induction process and given a test to demonstrate their understanding. This method drastically reduces the risk of injury and the possibility of uncertified access. The judges noted that they could easily see this adopted by similar schools and facilities with trainees.

If you'd like to see more information about the tSec Extra Card Holder, visit the product page or contact your local sales rep.

[Admin - 23rd Aug 2018]