ICT is Working Alongside Shore Junction

ICT recently teamed up with Shore Junction, a youth innovation hub that is designed as a space for young people to connect, belong, and grow their aspirations. 

It’s Shore Junction’s mission to make youth friendly facilities and services easily accessible and to support the growth and potential of the young people in their community. 

With innovation at their core, the partnership was a no-brainer. To ensure that Shore Junction is secure after hours and safe for everyone when they’re on site, ICT are providing a full ProtegeGX system, including hardware. This enables Shore Junction to manage their access control, intruder detection, health and safety and data all from one unified, easy to use interface. 

With their security taken care of, Shore Junction is able to continue their work in the community and prepare the next generation of innovative leaders. For more information, visit the Shore Junction website. 

[Admin - 13th Sep 2018]