Intelligent, Secure Electric Vehicle Charging

With the number of electric vehicles (EV) set to hit 125 million worldwide by 2030, as projected by the International Energy Agency, the need for EV charging stations is rising.

Security systems expanded to include EV charging

As residents and tenants are looking for a convenient way to top up, residential and commercial property managers are looking to install and manage charging stations. To keep the management of charging stations easy, many property managers are expanding the scope of their security systems to include intelligent EV charging.

How it works

Using a combination of Bluetooth/NFC equipped tSec readers connected to ProtegeGX single reader controllers, tenants can use a mobile credential on their smartphone or their existing access card or tag to activate a charging station.

Billing system integration

Using their existing security system, property managers can assign access to each user, preventing misuse and unauthorized users from taking advantage of the facility. As a managed resource, integration with billing systems also enables property managers to automatically apply the charging cost to the tenant or deduct the usage from their monthly plan.

Managing the day-to-day

Integrating EV charging stations with your existing security system ensures you've one system to implement, maintain and train new staff on, and enables you to easily manage the day-to-day needs of tenants and residents.

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