Important COVID-19 Update from ICT

Here at ICT, our teams around the world have been busy working through the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 on our technical support and customer service capacity. We are incredibly proud of how our staff have come together to embrace new ways of working and coping with increased social distancing, all in the pursuit of creating a secure and safe environment. With manufacturing of the ICT product range at our purpose built facility in New Zealand, the supply of our leading access control systems is in good shape, however recent events have led to a change in our business which will directly affect you for the next four weeks.

In New Zealand, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on the 23rd of March that the COVID-19 alert would be lifted to Level 4, initiating a nationwide lockdown and closing of the border. Our Head Office in New Zealand will be operating remotely, with the entire country in self-isolation.

We’re committed to ongoing support and supply and will have dedicated staff available in technical support, customer service and product dispatch ready to assist.

What does this mean for our operations around the world?

ICT New Zealand:

ICT Australia:

The States of Victoria, New South Wales and ACT have shut down all non-essential services, meaning our staff in Australia will be working remotely and taking advice from Australian government officials as the situation changes.

ICT Canada:


ICT Europe:

ICT Asia:

ICT is dedicated to world class support and service and we appreciate your understanding during this time. As this is an ever-evolving situation, if there is an update that effects our commitment to supply and service, we will advise immediately.

[Admin - 24th Mar 2020]