Quarter Size Top Gear Plate


The Quarter Size Top Gear Plate has a unique keyhole mounting solution providing easy maintenance and wiring options for the Jumbo and Fatboy Cabinet Enclosures.

Key Features:

RoHS Compliant

The new anodizing color visible on the Quarter Size Top Gear Plate ensures the Cabinet Enclosure range is compliant with the RoHS standard. The change in color allows the Quarter Size Top Gear Plate anodizing process to comply with the strict RoHS requirements primarily for the European market. The addition of an earth peg attachment for some electrical safety compliance is also an added feature of the new Quarter Size Top Gear Plate.


Mounting positions for multiple products including but not limited to


The Quarter Size Bottom Gear Plate should always be mounted prior to the Quarter Size Top Gear Plate for easy access.

Certification & Warranties

Standard Product Warranty

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