Jumbo Cabinet Enclosure


The Jumbo Cabinet Enclosure is the premier cabinet and multi-tier solution designed for the discerning installer who has an eye for detail, the Jumbo Cabinet Enclosure allows a module solution to be created with a variety of options.

Key Features:


  • Half or quarter size gear plates - bottom are placed into and on top of the slots and holes. Gear plates mount on slots allowing them to swing for easy cabling.
  • Securing screws fix the gear plates firmly in place once wiring is completed.
  • Plastic risers are then used to attach the circuit board onto the gear plate, by pushing the rising through from under the gear plate and placing the circuit board on top carefully and pushing down on the corners.
  • Wiring is important as it is the main component of making the circuit boards work. It takes time but if it is done correctly it can also save a lot of time and hassle later on. To complete the wiring process for the circuit boards underneath either the top/bottom gear plates you need to unscrew the right hand side to gain access. Once complete the gear plates need to be screwed down again.
  • Mounting points for a mains fuse and 4 transformers (sold separately) in an isolated section of the cabinet ensure mains voltage is kept away from low voltage cabling.
  • Ventilation holes are throughout the Jumbo Cabinet Enclosure to allow adequate air flow and to avoid overheating. [bullet]Optional punch-out holes are on top of the Jumbo Cabinet Enclosure for extra wires, mounting etc.
  • The cam lock and tamper switch are used purely for the security of your products. The tamper switch is released if it has been tampered with.
  • Keyway holes make mounting the Jumbo Cabinet Enclosure quick and easy.


The Jumbo Cabinet Enclosure includes the following:

  • Cam lock
  • Tamper switch
  • Tamper bracket
  • Mains cover plate

Gear Plates

Gear plates are sold separately

Certification & Warranties

Standard Product Warranty

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