ELT-KLCSELT-KLCS - Protege EliteSuite Touch Sense LCD KeypadELT-KLCS - Protege EliteSuite Touch Sense LCD Keypad

Touch Sense Keypad


The EliteSuite Touch Sense LCD Keypad provides a sleek, user friendly human interface to the EliteSuite System, an advanced technology security system specifically designed to enhance the functionality of condominium and apartment security with flexible local monitoring and offsite communication.

Key Features:

Apartment Condominium Control

Operating in the Condominium Control mode the Touch Sense Keypad provides a complete standalone 4 zone input, 8 user local alarm system:

  • Operates autonomously when communication fails, without the need for a Protege EliteSuite Integrated System Controller
  • Locally program Siren, Entry and Exit Delay timers and configure the operation of up to 8 users with Arming and Disarming options
  • 4 inputs (duplex mode) can be used for Delay, Instant, Follow, Fire, Fire Delay and 24 Hour Operation
  • Conforms to the UL/ULC fire control specifications
  • Configuration and addressing of the keypad is achieved by a simple easy to follow configuration menu available during initialization
  • Communicate with up to 4 slave Touch Sense keypads for expansion to 18 zone inputs and operation of multi-floor penthouse apartments
  • Communicate with up to 4 Nano Prox Card Readers or Vario Prox Card Readers via a Nano Prox Standalone Module for standalone access control in each apartment
Ordering Code ELT-KLCS
Operating Voltage 11.0VDC to 14VDC
Operating Current 60mA (95mA max)
User Interface Display Energy smart backlit LCD 16x 2 alphanumeric display with enhanced viewing angle
User Interface Keypad Combined 23 key capacity touch keypad with 3 system status LEDs
Inputs 2 standard or 4 using input duplex mode
1 tamper (PCB mounted external micro switch assembly)
Outputs 1 open collector (negative, 50mA Max) output. Programmable for all output functions
Operating Temperature 0˚ to 50˚C (32˚ to 122˚F)
Storage Temperature -10˚ to 85˚C (14˚ to 185˚F)
Humidity 0% to 93% non condensing, indoor use only (relative humidity)
Dimensions 125 x 125 x 18mm (4.92 x 4.92 x 0.71”)
Weight 318g (11.21oz)

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