Protege Vandal Resistant Touchscreen Intercom Entry Station (Surface Mount)


Located at the main entrance, the 17” touchscreen entry station is likely to be the first thing people notice as they approach the building. Designed to operate as a standalone unit, or as part of a complete integrated Protege solution, the Entry Station provides an intuitive interface for visitors to communicate with tenants, building management, a concierge, or even to off-site locations, such as directly linking guests with corporate housing owners. VoIP and video capability, enables you to view live video from multiple sources and utilize two-way voice communication to SIP compliant phones and intercoms.

Key Features:

ProtegeGX/ProtegeWX User Integration

User integration enables the management of tenancy directory listings within Protege WX or Protege GX. Directory listings automatically synchronize and display on the Entry Station. You can use the directory to call tenants and unlock a specific door using valid credentials.

  • The entry station uses the Protege WX controller's IP address to facilitate user integration 
  • User integration with Protege GX is achieved using the Protege GX SOAP Service

Protege Integration

Integration allows communication with any Protege WX or Protege GX controller to control any connected physical devices and monitor the status of the Entry Station.

When integrated with Protege GX or Protege WX, you can program certain functions that enable you to use the entry station to unlock the doors leading to your apartment, trigger lighting along the way and call the appropriate elevator. Integration is achieved by adding the entry station into Protege as a keypad.

Local Door Control

The entry station comes equipped with one programmable open collector output suitable for local door operation.

  • When operating standalone, you can use DTMF codes to toggle the onboard output, enabling you to unlock/lock a door with a phone call
  • When operating in online mode, use DTMF codes to unlock a door controlled in Protege GX / Protege WX
  • When the entry station is online with Protege GX or Protege WX, tap the screen to navigate to the directory and unlock a specific door

Web Interface

The web interface enables you to configure and manage users displayed in the directory and adjust the Entry Station's settings. The web interface also allows you to program offline lock operation.

Customizable Home Page

From the web interface, you can create a unique user experience with high quality graphics for display on the entry station's home page. This enables you to tailor the entry station to fit with your company's branding.

Advertisement Support

The Entry Station supports the display of advertisements on the home page.

Optional Postal Lock

Complexes or buildings with mailboxes on the secure side of the installation can add the Postal Lock mechanism to allow for door release by postal service providers.

VoIP Capabilities

The VoIP Entry Station can run as a standalone point-to-point device, or register as a phone on any VoIP capable PBX to allow normal call operation. Using a VoIP capable PBX server enables you to use phone numbers to call devices and configure complex call routing. This enables communication to multiple stations simultaneously, calls to route to alternative stations after a defined period of time, and calls to divert to different units based on a set schedule. If the server allows, you can also dial numbers on the public telephone network using a configured extension to dial out. Point-to-point connections involve IP to IP calling between the entry station and VoIP devices. This enables you to make calls with the entry without using a VoIp SIP server, however, this method only allows you to call other VoIP devices.

Wide Angle Camera

The Entry Station provides a live video feed that is viewable from a remote monitoring station, a web browser, a Grandstream IP phone or from within Protege WX/Protege GX.

Android/iOS Client

Configure any Android or iOS device to operate as an Entry Station client using the ICT Mobile App, enabling tenants to interact with visitors using the Entry Station. The ICT Mobile App provides full VoIP functionality* and live video streaming.

* requires use of the ICT Cloud SIP server. For more information, contact your Sales representative.

Template Builder

Use the Protege Template Builder to create a unique user experience with a blend of high quality graphics and customizable images for display on the Entry Station and the Android/iOS Entry Station clients. ICT provides templates for both residential and commercial installations.

Vandal Resistant Construction

Vandal resistant body and stainless steel front plate protects against malicious damage. The enclosed design accommodates both surface and flush mounting into a wall and mounting onto a kiosk stand.

Power Supply
Operating Voltage 12VDC
Operating Current 4A
Power over Ethernet PoE 802.3at Class 4 (25.5W max) For use ONLY with Injector module POE61W-560DG
Speed 10/100
Port 80 Web Interface, 5600 SIP, 9450 Module Comms
Resolution 720p (1280x720 pixels)
Viewing Angle 140° horizontal / 70° vertical
Frame Rate 15fps
Speakers 2 x 8Ω, 1W RMS
Amplifier 1.5W, 0.1% THD
Max Volume 85dB at 1m
Microphone 6mm Electret Condensing
Direction Omnidirectional
Sensitivity -46dB (Nominal)
Signal/Noise Ratio >60dB
Postal Lock Input 1
Open Collector Output 1
IP Rating IP65
Operating Temperature 5°- 55° Celsius (41° - 131° Fahrenheit)
Humidity 0%-85% (Non-Condensing)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 483 x 424.5 x 67.4mm (17.3 x 16.7 x 2.65")
Bracket (H x W x D) 353 x 420 x 2mm (13.89 x 16.5 x 0.07")

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