Protege GX System Management Suite


Solid hardware technology with 32 bit processing and TCP/IP communication make the ProtegeGX System Management Suite and integrated system controllers the most powerful, easily integrated security management solution on the market.

Key Features:

Accessible Reports with Ease

Getting the information you need from the Protege System has never been easier or more accessible. With a comprehensive range of built in reports and the ability to create an unlimited number of custom reports, ProtegeGX provides you with a commanding range of reporting capabilities. Powerful filtering and flexible reporting options are standard within the Protege System Management application, enabling you to easily obtain detailed and relevant event information, including event reports, muster reports, attendance reports and user reports.

Customizable and Intuitive Interface

Customizable status pages and floor plans provide an intuitive and graphical interface for controlling and monitoring the system. Display information relevant to your site and setup, not your neighbours.

Status Pages

Fully customizable status pages are one of the flagship features of ProtegeGX and can be tailored to show the exact records and information that you want, including status lists, floor plans, live video feeds, event reports, variables, web pages and muster reports.

Floor Plans

Graphical floor plans provide a visual representation of your site and are a quick and efficient way to control and monitor your Protege system. You can quickly arm and disarm areas, control doors and outputs, and view input status and live variable information.

Web Links

Used within Status Pages and Alarm notifications, web links enable you to display the contents of a company website, Intranet, or purpose-built HTML page.

Total Integration Solution

A fundamental part of ICT's corporate philosophy is focused on the ability to integrate. This approach allows our products to maximize infrastructure and IT investments already available on site and add value to existing technology. An impressive array of integrated third party systems shows our long term commitment to our customer's solution requirements.

DVR/NVR Integration

ProtegeGX integrates with a number of third party DVR / NVR systems providing a full featured event-based DVR and NVR solution. When used with an integrated DVR and NVR solution with ProtegeGX, you get the full picture.

Building Control and Automation

Energy efficiency has become increasingly important in today's environment. Automated Building Control reduces your energy consumption and is one of the simplest ways to reduce your energy costs. ProtegeGX offers a convenient, single-point solution for monitoring and control of your building's lighting, HVAC, energy management and environmental controls.

Building Management Systems

Building Management Systems (BMS) play a key role when integrating with a security or access control solution. The ProtegeGX system provides a significant number of integration options that provide dual path integration allowing for the transportation of events between multiple systems.

Intercom Integration

ProtegeGX enables integration with a range of third party Intercom systems to provide a complete access management solution. The Intercom service provides a direct link to the intercom solution, allowing automatic token generation for elevators, doors and control functions.

Hardware Modules

The Protege System is an enterprise level integrated access control, intrusion and building automation system. The modular design allows operation in single sites right through to multi-national corporations. Highly integrated 32 Bit microprocessor based Protege Integrated System Controllers and modules provide a feature packed adaptive system.

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