Protege Vandal Resistant VOIP Intercom with Camera


Tough, durable, and extremely robust, the Protege Vandal Resistant VoIP Intercom is designed to meet the harshest of environments. VoIP capability allows the Intercom to communicate with any VoIP enabled device, including smartphones, providing the ability to gain entry from virtually anywhere.

Key Features:

Vandal Resistant Construction

Vandal resistant body protects against malicious damage. The robust construction provides full protection against the elements, making the Intercom suitable for virtually any environment.

VoIP Capabilities

Fully VoIP compliant, the Intercom can run as a standalone point-to-point intercom, or register as a phone on any VoIP capable PBX to allow normal call operation. Use with an optional VoIP server or PBX to allow complex call routing, allowing communication to multiple stations at once, calls to be routed to alternative stations if they are not answered, or calls to be diverted to different units based on a time schedule.

Programmable Auto-Answer

Programmable auto-answer feature provides the ability to receive broadcast announcements or gives the remote caller monitoring capability allowing them to listen in.

Eliminate Unwanted Noise

Background noise and interference is reduced leaving clear speech, while voice pick-up can be achieved from 5 meters (16ft) away.

Protege Integration

Integration allows communication to any Protege GX workstation, and provides control of devices such as lights and doors.

Standalone Operation

The intercom supports standalone operation, enabling you to manage customizable schedules and configure the intercom's onboard output for directly controlling a gate or door lock.

Wide Angle Camera

Provides a live video feed that can be viewed from a remote monitoring station, from a web browser or from within a ProtegeGX or ProtegeWX system.

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

PoE simplifies installation and reduces costs. Because PoE runs data and power together over the same cable, it eliminates the time and overhead associated with AC outlet installations, while providing flexibility of the install location.

Installation Wiring

Power is provided via a suitable 12VDC supply or PoE. Ethernet connection allows for installations that use either a dedicated Protege network (recommended for multiple intercom installations) or that simply connect the Intercom and Protege Integrated System Controller to the building's existing network.

Mounting Options

The intercom comes as a standard surface mounted product. An optional flush mount kit is available for flush mounted installations.

Ordering Information
PRT-IPIC-POE-C Protege Vandal Resistant VoIP Intercom with Camera
ACC-IPIC-C-FMB Optional Flush Mount Kit with Decor Frame and Brick Box
Power Supply
Operating Voltage 12VDC (9 - 16VDC)
Operating Current 1A
Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af Class 3
Communication Protocol SIP 2.0 (RFC-3261)
Speech flow: Protocols RTP/STP
Speech flow: Decoding G.729 G.723 G.711 G.722 G.726 Codecs
Speech flow: Audio Amplifier 2.5W
Speech flow: Volume Control Adjustable
Speech flow: Full duplex speakerphone Support (AEC)
Port: Recording output One (3.5mm terminal block)
Port: Short circuit input Two (3.5mm terminal block)
Port: Short circuit output Two Form C relays (3.5mm terminal block) 24V DC 1A
Port: WAN port 10/100BASE-TX s Auto-MDIX, RJ-45
Port: LAN port 10/100BASE-TX s Auto-MDIX, RJ-45
Cables CAT5 or better
Resolution 960p (1280x960 pixels)
Viewing Angle 115° horizontal / 87° vertical
Frame Rate 30fps
Microphone Omnidirectional
Speaker TY 4 ohm 3W
Environmental IP Rating IP65
Working temperature -40° to 70° Celsius (-40° to 158° Fahrenheit)
Working humidity 10% to 95%
Storage temperature -40° to 70° Celsius (-40° to 158° Fahrenheit)
Wall-Mounted 223 x 130 x 74mm (8.77 x 5.11 x 2.91")
In-Wall 270 x 150 x 61mm (10.6 x 5.9 x 2.4")
Weight 960g (33.86oz)

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