PRT-IVO-IFPRT-IVO-IF - Inovonics Wireless Receiver ModulePRT-IVO-IF - Inovonics Wireless Receiver Module

Inovonics Wireless Receiver Module


The Inovonics Wireless Receiver Module is designed to facilitate integration between ICT's Protege systems and wireless Inovonics devices. It contains the Inovonics EN4200 Echostream receiver which translates incoming Inovonics signals so that they are understood by Protege Controllers.

Key Features:

Web Interface

The web interface enables you to configure and manage the settings. You can also monitor the status of the interface board and view the version information.

Linking Inovonics Devices

Each module links up to 255 Inovonics devices such as wireless PIRs and remotes to the Protege system. The module also links Inovonics remotes to users so they can gain access to a door controlled by an Inovonics device.

Secure Connection

The module has the ability to connect to a ProtegeWX or ProtegeGX controller via RS-485 or Ethernet.

Wireless Frequencies 

Two variants of the module are available:

  • PRT-IVO-IF: for use in the US (902-928MHz), Australia (915-928 MHz), and New Zealand (922-928 MHz)
  • PRT-IVO-IF-EU: for use in the EU region (868-870 MHz)

FORM C Relay Output

The wireless receiver module has one onboard FORM C relay output capable of switching resistive loads up to 7 Amps.

Ordering Code PRT-IVO-IF
Power Supply
Operating Voltage 11-14VDC
Operating Current 160mA @ 13.0VDC (typical) 
RS-485 Module network
Ethernet 10/100Mbps Ethernet communication link 
Operating Frequencies 902-928 MHz
915-928 MHz (AUS)
922-928 MHz (NZ)
868-870 MHz (EU)
Relay Output 1 FORM C Relay - 7A 250V Max Resistive 
Dimensions (L x W x H) 162.0mm x 91.4mm x 27.9mm (6.38” x 3.60” x 1.10")  
Weight 180.2g (6.4oz) 
Operating 0˚-50˚C (32˚ - 122˚F)
Storage -10˚- 85˚C (14˚ - 185˚F)
Humidity 0%-93% non-condensing, indoor use only (relative humidity)

The size of conductor used for the supply of power to the unit should be adequate to prevent voltage drop at the terminals of no more than 5% of the rated supply voltage. ICT continually strives to increase the performance of its products.

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