Ethernet 2 Reader Expander


The Protege Ethernet 2 Reader Expander provides an Ethernet based interface of up to 4x reader inputs and 2x locking device Outputs to the Protege integrated access control, security and building automation system, an advanced technology security product providing seamless and powerful integration. The Protege Ethernet 2 Reader Expander provides extensive hardware advancements that provide flexible access control, area control and alarm monitoring.

Key Features:

Local Monitored Power Supply

The Protege Ethernet 2 Reader Expander operates from a 16VAC input, utilizing low cost transformers and providing a fully monitored 12VDC power solution using:

  • Deep discharge prevention of the battery with automatic electronic cut-off
  • Manual or processor controlled battery charge selection of 350mA or 700mA
  • Intelligent charging algorithm monitors battery and AC supply allowing optimum performance to be achieved using standard lead acid batteries
  • Monitored signals for Battery Low/Disconnect and AC Failure using local trouble zones


The Protege Ethernet 2 Reader Expander allows a user to arm and disarm an area from a reader Input when associated with a door:

  • Deny access to a user based on the status of the area reducing false alarms
  • Dual presentation of the card can arm an area associated with the entry or exit direction of the door being accessed
  • Fail to arm programmable Output can be programmed to provide feedback in the event areas fail to arm when using card reading functions
  • Prevent access to a keypad using a card and PIN function or allow card presentation to automatically login the user at the associated keypad
  • Disarm an area associated with an elevator floor on access when using the Protege 16 Input Destination Reporting Interface in elevator mode

Connectivity and System Expansion

Expanding the Protege System with local zone (input) and PGM (Output) from the Protege Ethernet 2 Reader Expander allows convenient cost effective expansion and added benefit of dual functionality on door monitoring zones:

  • 8x zones can be used to perform any system alarm and automation functions with a dedicated enclosure tamper switch. All 8 zones are assigned functions that are processed by the Protege Ethernet 2 Reader Expander for door control. Each function can be enabled individually
  • Enable the RS-485 slave network for slave repeater operation or elevator floor control
  • Address configuration of the Protege Ethernet 2 Reader Expander Interface is achieved using an 8 way DIP switch or by attaching a local Protege Alphanumeric LCD Keypad to the RS-485 interface
  • Unused PGMs for reader control can be used within the system as normal PGMs to control relays, lighting and automation


Dual galvanic isolated RS-485 communication interface ports and Ethernet communications port allow powerful communication options:

  • Ethernet interface for connection of the Protege Ethernet 2 Reader Expander to a LAN or corporate network
  • Network RS-485 port operates as a network isolation interface connecting RS-485 devices to the Protege Integrated System Controller over the Ethernet interface
  • Slave RS-485 port can be programmed to operate as a network isolation interface repeating network traffic, floor control interface for connection of the Protege 16 PGM Output Expander for elevator control, high level elevator communication interface and serial data terminal for RS-485 card data Output

Upgradable Firmware

Utilizing the latest flash technology and high performance communication mediums the firmware of the Protege Ethernet 2 Reader Expander can be updated using the ICT Loadit utility over the Protege system module network.

Electronic Lock Outputs

High current electronic monitored electric lock control Outputs:

  • Indication of lock Output activation using LED
  • Lock failure monitoring or lock disconnected (tamper) displayed as indicator and reported using trouble zone
  • Automatic shutdown on lock over current when activated or shorted. Automatic restore on next deactivation/activation cycle. Shutdown reported using trouble zone
  • Drive electric strikes directly from the lock Outputs

Elevator Control

The Protege Ethernet 2 Reader Expander allows the control of 2x independent elevator cars capable of servicing 128 openings (floors):

  • Utilize button feedback for floor selection monitoring and single badge, single floor control prevents user tailgating with full floor selection audit
  • Deny access to a user based on the status of the area on a specific floor that they are attempting to access (button feedback required)
  • Floor can unlock using the Late Open option forcing the floor to remain locked after schedule until valid access to the floor
  • Interface to the Protege 16 PGM Output Expander using the slave RS-485 communication port for intelligent elevator control (controls 16 floors per Protege 16 PGM Output Expander per elevator car)
  • Optional high level RS-485 communication to elevator control system (requires protocol documentation to be provided)

Multiplex Reader Mode

Pushing the boundaries of functionality, ICT have taken another step in providing the capability to connect up to 4x readers on to ANY of the reader expanders, introducing the multiplex reader mode:

  • Allows the addition of an EXIT reader on to any existing entry with REX egress configuration
  • Identifies the entity with the associated EXIT and ENTRY events
  • No limitations are made on the operation allowing user counting, car park counting, loiter operation, credential anti-passback and area control to take place on the readers used in multiplex mode
  • Increased saving to customer while giving retrofit and installation flexibility
Ordering Code PRT-RDE2-PCB
Power Supply
AC Input Voltage 16VAC 50/60Hz @ 40VA (max)
Operating Current 280mA (typical)
DC Output (Auxiliary) 1.2A (max)
Battery Charging 350mA/700mA
Battery Low 10.5VDC
Battery Restore 11.5VDC
RS-485 Isolated module network
Lock Outputs 2 outputs, 400mA (max), 500mA shutdown
Programmable Outputs 6 (50mA max) open collector
Status Output 50mA (max) open collector
Inputs 8 (500ms to 40sec input speed)
Tamper 1 (normally closed)
Trouble Input 16
PCB Dimensions 183mm X 234mm (7.2" X 9.2")
Enclosure 330mm X 406mm X 89mm (13" X 16" X 3.5")
Operating 5˚- 55˚ Celsius (41˚ - 131˚ Fahrenheit)
Humidity 0%-85% (Non-Condensing)
Storage -10˚- 85˚ Celsius (14˚ - 185˚ Fahrenheit)

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