PRT-TS50PRT-TS50 - Protege 5-inch LCD TouchscreenPRT-TS50 - Protege 5-inch LCD TouchscreenPRT-TS50 - Protege 5-inch LCD TouchscreenPRT-TS50 - Protege 5-inch LCD Touchscreen

Protege 5-inch LCD Touchscreen


The Protege LCD Touchscreen Keypad provides a sleek, user friendly human interface to the Protege integrated system, providing seamless and powerful integration of access control, security and building automation. In addition to sophisticated access features the keypad incorporates system monitoring and control. Authorized users are able to perform arming and disarming, monitor inputs, control outputs and manage user access, all from the convenience of the keypad.

Key Features:


The keypad allows a user to arm and disarm an area or group of areas:

  • Area progress is shown on the LCD display, which guides the user through the arming or disarming procedure with user friendly plain text messages
  • Easily view open system inputs during the pre-arming phase.
  • Local display of user area for quick arming and disarming confirmation
  • Direct input bypass option

Auto Logout Confirmation

The keypad can be programmed for a custom auto logout time specific to each station.

System Object Control and Monitoring

Monitoring of all objects within the system can be achieved from the keypad:

  • Monitor the status of any door, user (anti-passback), input, or output directly
  • Offline functions allow quick key menu functions to be performed on objects used for automation (lights, HVAC, gates, doors)
  • Single automation quick key for REX (Request to Exit) or output activation

Time & Attendance

The Time & Attendance feature enables entry, exit, and even break times to be displayed on the keypad, providing users with a clear and definitive view of their recorded start and finish times.

User Management

User management functionality provides a quick and convenient way to manage users at the keypad. Users can change their PIN code at any time, and enforced periodic expiry of PIN codes can be configured to improve system security. Authorized users are able to add new users with immediate access, modify incorrect user settings, and delete user records to immediately withdraw access.

Dual Credential Security

To provide an increased level of security, a site can be configured to require dual credential authentication for user access to keypads. A reader can be added to require both card and PIN validation, or the keypad can be configured to require both user ID and PIN. The site can also specify PIN complexity rules and enforce automatic periodic PIN expiry to ensure regular changing of PIN codes.

Connectivity and System Expansion

Expanding the Protege System with local input and output from the keypad allows convenient cost effective expansion with these additional benefits:

  • 4 inputs which can be used to perform any system alarm and automation functions with a dedicated enclosure tamper switch
  • 1 low current output for driving any signaling device
  • Configuration and addressing of the keypad is achieved by an easy to follow configuration menu available during initialization


A single RS-485 communication interface port used for all network communication functions and interconnection to other modules.

Ordering Code
PRT-TS50-STD-B Protege LCD Touchscreen Keypad - Black
PRT-TS50-STD-W Protege LCD Touchscreen Keypad - White
Power Supply
Operating Voltage 11-14VDC
Operating Current 260mA (340mA Max)
User Interface
User Interface Display 480x800 Color LCD display
User Input 5" capacitive touchscreen
Inputs 2 standard or 4 using Input Duplex mode
Outputs 1 open collector (50mA Max) output. Programmable for all output functions
2 system status indicators
1 system beeper
Dimensions (L x W x H) 131 x 90 x 20mm (5.15 x 3.54 x 0.77")
Weight 192g (6.77oz)
Operating Conditions
Operating Temperature -10°-55°C (14° - 131°F)
Storage Temperature -10°- 85°C (14° - 185°F)
Humidity 0%-93% non condensing, indoor use only (relative humidity)

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