Wireless 433MHz 2 Button Transmitter


The Wireless 433MHz 2 Button Transmitter is designed for long range wireless access control of garage doors or sliding gates. Each transmitter is encoded with a Wiegand compatible ID number so that usage can be controlled and recorded by most electronic access control systems on the market. This high quality transmitter is also hermetically sealed to protect against water or other foreign substances. Delivering an impressive read range from 100 to 200m (328 to 656ft) in open environments, this transmitter offers both convenience and security with unmatched performance.

Key Features:

Personal Alarm Device

With the installation of additional receivers in desired areas, the red button can be used as a personal alarm device. In the event of an emergency where someone presses the red button, a nearby receiver will detect the signal and activate an alarm relay. This alarm relay can be used for annunciation or to activate a third party alarm system.

Short Range Proximity Option

The Wireless 433MHz 2 Button Transmitter is also available with an HID compatible proximity device inside. This allows the transmitter to be used on short range proximity readers for standard door access. This option eliminates the need to carry a separate access card.

Convenience and Security

The convenience of RF transmitters blended with the security of a personal alarm system!

Certification & Warranties

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