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RFID Card Readers

Sleek and stylish, and with a range of optional features, the tSec RFID readers have a solution for everyone. Available in three sizes, multiple card capabilities, with an optional keypad, and in a choice of black or white, you can select the model to fit your needs and your decor.

Because one size does not fit all.

Multi Card Technology

Available with either 125kHz proximity or 13.56MHz smart card capability, or as a multi technology reader that combines both capabilities in a single unit, the tSec range delivers maximum compatibility while providing a path forward to the latest technology. The Multi Technology Reader is ideal for organizations that wish to transition to smart technology at their own pace, as it means they don't need to replace all their cards upfront.

Bluetooth® and NFC Support

Equipped with Bluetooth and NFC capability, our latest tSec readers can be used in conjunction with the Protege Mobile App and ICT Mobile Credentials enabling doors to be unlocked using a smartphone for maximum convenience.

IP65 Protection

The IP65 environmental rating provides a high degree of protection from the elements, making the tSec Reader suitable for harsh environments. Readers can be mounted indoors or outdoors, located anywhere from the car park gate to the office door.

Flexible Communication

Choose intelligent RS-485 connection for fast, flexible, secure communication. Opt for OSDP or Wiegand for compatibility with all standard access control systems. RS-485 provides the added benefits of being easier and more cost effective to wire, and allows direct integration with Protege systems enabling you to make changes on the fly once readers are installed. RS-485 also allows for longer cable runs and a simpler firmware update process.

Models and Features

The tSec RFID Card Reader comes in three sizes - Standard (Mullion Mount), Extra (Wall Plate), and Mini - and with a range of optional features.

tSec Standard
RFID Card Reader

With a slim attractive design and the versatile mullion mount, the tSec Standard is ideal for almost any location, including aluminium framed doors where larger readers are not an option.

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tSec Extra
RFID Card Reader

The full wall plate/lightswitch size makes the tSec Extra the ideal choice when replacing existing readers with a larger footprint.

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tSec Mini
RFID Card Reader

The smallest of the tSec family, the Mini is both unobtrusive and cost effective.

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Model Comparison

Black White Keypad 125kHz 13.56MHz Bluetooth NFC Vandal Cover
PRX-TSEC-MINI-B tSec NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Reader Mini Mullion Black
PRX-TSEC-MINI-BT-B tSec Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Reader Mini Mullion Black
PRX-TSEC-MINI-DF-B tSec NFC/13.56MHz Reader Mini Mullion Black
PRX-TSEC-MINI-125-B tSec 125kHz Reader Mini Mullion Black
PRX-TSEC-MINI-BT-W tSec Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Reader Mini Mullion White
PRX-TSEC-MINI-DF-BT-B tSec Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz Reader Mini Mullion Black
PRX-TSEC-STD-B tSec NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Reader Mullion Black        
PRX-TSEC-STD-BT-B tSec Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Reader Mullion Black      
PRX-TSEC-STD-DF-B tSec NFC/13.56MHz Reader Mullion Black          
PRX-TSEC-STD-DF-KP-B tSec NFC/13.56MHz Keypad Reader Mullion Black        
PRX-TSEC-STD-DF-KP-BT-B tSec Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz Keypad Reader Mullion Black      
PRX-TSEC-STD-125-B tSec 125kHz Reader Mullion Black
PRX-TSEC-STD-KP-B tSec NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Keypad Reader Keypad Mullion Black      
PRX-TSEC-STD-KP-BT-B tSec Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Reader Keypad Mullion Black    
PRX-TSEC-STD-KP-BT-W tSec Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Reader Keypad Mullion White    
PRX-TSEC-STD-KP-BT-B-VRC tSec Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Reader Keypad Mullion Black, Vandal Resistant  
PRX-TSEC-STD-BT-W tSec Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Reader Mullion White      
PRX-TSEC-STD-DF-BT-B tSec Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz Reader Mullion Black          
PRX-TSEC-EXTRA-BT-B tSec Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Reader Wall Black      
PRX-TSEC-EXTRA-125-B tSec 125kHz Reader Wall Black
PRX-TSEC-EXTRA-KP-BT-B tSec Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Reader Keypad Wall Black    
PRX-TSEC-EXTRA-BT-W tSec Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Reader Wall White      
PRX-TSEC-EXTRA-KP-BT-W tSec Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Reader Keypad Wall White    
PRX-TSEC-EXTRA-KP-B tSec NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Reader Keypad Wall Black      
PRX-TSEC-EXTRA-KP-BT-B-VRC tSec VRC Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz/125kHz Reader Keypad Wall Black Vandal Resistant  
PRX-TSEC-EXTRA-DF-KP-B tSec NFC/13.56MHz Reader Keypad Wall Black  
PRX-TSEC-EXTRA-DF-BT-B tSec Bluetooth®/NFC/13.56MHz Reader Wall Black  
PRX-TSEC-EXTRA-DF-B tSec 13.56MHz Reader Wall Switch Black  

Which card technology is right for you?