Scheduled Area Control

Controlling an area based on time of day can provide user convenience and assurance that your critical areas of protection will be armed even if the last one out forgets to arm the system.

How it works

Automated Disarming

An area can be scheduled to disarm automatically on work days.  This provides user convenience, and means that employees don't necessarily need access to a keypad or a requirement for a PIN to be remembered.

Automated Arming

Arming an area based on time of day is a great idea to ensure your building and assets are secure at night, but why discourage that hard-working employee from staying late?

Using another built-in feature called defer arming warns any users left in the building that the system is about to arm.  Users still on site are able to enter their PIN to defer this automatic arming and continue to work.  After a defined period, the system will again attempt to arm.

Arming / Disarming Exceptions

Schedules can be defined for expected arming and disarming times. Exceptions can then be sent to an offsite monitoring station for further action.  This provides additional security for employees and assurance that critical areas are only disarmed when they should be.

Exceptions are generated for:

  • Areas disarmed before the normal disarm schedule
  • Areas still armed when the normal disarm schedule ends
  • Areas armed before the normal arm schedule
  • Areas still disarmed when the normal arm schedule ends

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