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Our flagship product Protege brings together three key components to create one unified integrated solution enabling you to control your entire site from a single interface.

1. Access Control

Restrict and monitor the movement of people within the premises, to enhance safety and security.

2. Intrusion Detection

Detect unauthorized access, display an alert and/or audible alarm, and send a notification to the monitoring station.

3. Building Automation

Manage and control a wide range of building functions, such as lighting, HVAC, and other building systems.

“We've finally found a system to handle whatever we can throw at it, and let me tell you - it packs a mean punch.”

Mike Botticella, BCM Pro Solutions

Intercom Solutions

Increase security and improve communication with a standalone or fully integrated intercom solution.

Offsite Monitoring

Transmit events to an offsite monitoring station for improved security and increased peace of mind.

Proximity Solutions

Proximity and smart card reader technology provides an ideal balance between convenience and security.

Apartments and Condos

Balance comfort and security with a unified solution that provides centralized control of residential buildings and shared facilities.

Risk and Compliance

Ensure security and building access complies with all business regulations, including health and safety standards.

Leverage (ROI)

Reduce energy consumption and operating costs while providing security and access control from one centrally managed system.

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