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A key aspect to the ICT philosophy is the ability to integrate with other systems, and our open technology focus ensures our products provide a comprehensive solution with features and advantages that allow you to obtain the greatest benefit from an ICT system or component.

An impressive array of ‘off the shelf’ integrated third party systems shows our long term commitment to your solution requirements, and ensures our products add value to the existing technology and infrastructure investments you already have on site.

Video Management Systems

Combine the power of ProtegeGX with third party video management systems to create a full featured and cohesive solution. Seamless integration enables you to control cameras and view live and historical video footage from a single easy to use interface.

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Wireless and Offline Locking Solutions

Expand your existing access control system without the limitations, cost, and inconvenience normally associated with hard wired doors by integrating your Protege system with a wireless and offline locking solution.

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Building Management Systems

Access Control systems carry a lot of information about your building and its occupancy. Combine this with a Building Management System (BMS) to create a smart building that can make some very intelligent decisions.

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Intercom Systems

Integrating an intercom system with access and security, provides a cohesive solution that ensures the protection of the site. With the use of an intercom, you can see or hear who is at your door before deciding to let them in, increasing security and improving communication.

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Elevator Systems

ProtegeGX is not limited to controlling access to doors. Buildings that have elevators often require access to floors to be controlled as well. Elevator integration links elevator control systems with ICT’s Protege system to increase building security and improve the flow of people.

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Data Sync Service

Combine the power of enterprise level integrated access control with external data sources. The ability to synchronize data between the systems, reduces management time and administration while providing single data entry and enhancing efficiency.

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Custom Integration Tools

But we don’t stop at off the shelf solutions. While we’ve invested a lot of resources into ensuring you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, there may be times when you want to upgrade those tyres. Our custom integration tools give you the freedom to utilize your own experts to tailor a solution that meets your exact needs.

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