Intrusion Detection

Protecting your people.
Securing your assets.

If you are anything like us, you'll value your people as your most precious assets. Intrusion detection is all about protecting your people and securing your other assets. Detecting an intruder and raising the alarm is the easy bit. Making intrusion detection simple, smart and convenient is what we do.


Our Protege systems make securing your premises simple and convenient for the end user. Using functions such as Double Badge Arming, Auto Disarm on Entry and Schedule Arming, intrusion detection can be seamlessly integrated with access control


ICT’s take on intrusion detection enables you to fully maximize your investment. Lighting, HVAC and other energy sources can be effectively managed based on the information available within the Protege system


ICT’s open development tools  enable you to create your own integration for third party detection products such as panic buttons and perimeter detection devices

Integrated Intrusion Detection and Access Control

All of ICT's Protege platforms include Intrusion Detection and Access Control out of the box.  Not only is this a more cost effective option than two disparate systems from an installation point of view, but integrating the two can actually result in a system that is simpler to use.

Feature set

Child Areas
Automatically arm or disarm related areas.  Can be used to arm a common area in multi-tenant situations

Configurable Input Types
Multiple input types support a range of detection devices for motion, panic, smoke, etc.  Create custom types for maximum flexibility

Multiple Area Support
Multiple areas allow a building or site to be partitioned.  Area Groups give users the ability to control their own areas and arm all with one keypress

Disarm Delay
Use Disarm Delay to deter armed robberies.  Once a user requests an area disarm a delay timer is started.  Once expired, the area disarms

Dual Code Control
Requires two authorized users to enter PINs to disarm a restricted area

Automatic re-arm
Automatically arm an area once it has been disarmed for a period.  Limit the duration that a user can remain in an area

Duress Alarm
Allows users to arm or disarm an area as normal, but sends a silent alarm to the offsite monitoring station

Stay Arming Mode
Allows the perimeter of the building to be armed while the occupants are safe and free to move around inside

Customizable Keypad
Customize the display and function of keypads.  Can be tailored per user and per keypad to provide an intuitive user experience

Keypad Privacy
Optional keypad privacy mode dims backlighting to prevent lighting up bedrooms at night and hides the area status display from prying eyes

Configurable EOL
Saves on installation time when upgrading from an existing system.  Simply select the EOL value that the old system used

Note: Some features are platform specific.

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