Access Control

Badge your card and the light goes green.
At face value, access control is pretty simple...

Most access control systems appear to do the same things, but the devil is in the detail.  ICT offers electronic access control with a twist. Our Protege systems offer all-in-one solutions that are simple to use, feature rich and effortless to integrate and extend.


A fundamental part of ICT’s corporate philosophy is focused on the ability to integrate. This approach allows our products to maximize investments already made and add value to existing technology. An impressive array of integrated third party systems shows our long term commitment to our customer’s solution requirements.

Open Standards

At ICT, we like to win on our own merits, and believe that if we aren’t performing, you should have the choice to go elsewhere. Wherever possible, you’ll see us supporting open, non-proprietary standards, protocols and hardware.

Development Tools

Our open protocols make extending your system effortless.  Whether you want to control your system from a third party application, import your data from an external source or create your own, fully customized solution, we have the tools to do it.

“We love the ease of this system and also the looks. So do our customers.”

Roger Barnes, Roger’s Security Systems Inc

Solutions for everybody

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A feature set like no other

We are pretty good at making the light go green, but our Protege systems are anything but one trick ponies.

Door Alarm Monitoring
Monitor for forced and open too long doors. Send signals offsite via IP Monitoring or ContactID

Advanced Scheduling
Intelligent time based control of access and energy management, automatically adjusts for daylight savings and holidays

Dual Authentication
Requires two authorised users to supply credentials to gain access to a door

Two Factor Authentication
What you have (card) and what you know (PIN) - prevents a lost or stolen credential from being used to gain unauthorised access

Door Lockdown
Lockdown a single door or the whole site to restrict entry, exit or all access during an emergency situation

Door Interlocking
Allows only a single door in a defined group to be open at one time.  Ideal to prevent dangerous things getting in or out of a hazardous area

Multiple User Credentials
Up to 8 different credentials supported per user, allowing the use of multi card technologies, biometrics and other credentials

Extended Access Time
Provides additional time for particular users to make their way through selected doors

Emergency Egress
Unlock a single door, an egress path, or the entire site to facilitate a smooth and trouble free emergency evacuation

Access Level Outputs
Identify and react to an individual user or groups of users as they pass through a door to automate control of lighting or intrusion areas

Note: Some features are platform specific.

These are just some of our tricks.
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