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Enterprise level access
control at your fingertips.

Complexity. Made Simple.

At ICT we believe the key to great software is doing all the hard thinking up-front so you don’t have to. There’s no better example of this theory in action than our ProtegeGX package. It’s an enterprise level integrated access control, intrusion detection, and building automation solution with a feature set that is easy to operate, simple to integrate, and effortless to extend.

Easy to Operate

Designed with the end user in mind, ProtegeGX offers an intuitive and user friendly interface with graphical floor plans and highly customizable status pages for controlling and monitoring the system. Customizable alarm and event filters enable you to sort and categorize the event and alarm data that is shown. Display information relevant to your site and setup - not your neighbors.

Simple to Integrate

Integration with a wide range of third party systems enables you to maximize the infrastructure and IT investments you already have available on site while adding value to existing technology. ICT’s open Automation and Control protocol allows third party developers to create custom integrations that communicate directly with the ProtegeGX Controller.

Effortless to Extend

The modular design and scalable licensing model makes ProtegeGX suitable for everyone – from small single door systems right through to large multi-national corporations. Modular expansion allows the system to grow with you and proves to be very cost effective as you only add Expander modules and optional functionality as you need.

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Faster. Smarter. Stronger.

Designed around the end users’ needs, ProtegeGX is loaded with features that enhance the system further and provide true benefit to any organization.

Floor Plans

Graphical floor plans provide a visual representation of your site and are a quick and efficient way to control and monitor your Protege system. You can quickly arm and disarm areas, control doors and outputs, and view input status and live variable information.

Status Pages

Fully customizable, status pages provide an intuitive graphical interface that minimizes the learning curve allowing new users to get up to speed quickly. The flexible design enables you to include the content relevant to your site, for a sitewide overview or allowing you to drill down to show more detail.

Include any combination of:

Targeted Information

Customizable alarm and event filters enable you to sort and filter what and how information is displayed to an operator. Filtering the noise and showing only what is relevant improves efficiency and ensures an accurate response to incidents.

Reports Made Accessible

Getting the information you need has never been easier or more accessible. With a comprehensive range of built in reports and the ability to create an unlimited number of custom reports, ProtegeGX offers a commanding range of reporting capabilities, and you can even generate reports automatically at scheduled times and have them sent to a defined user via email.

Powerful filtering and flexible reporting options enable you to quickly and easily obtain detailed and relevant event information. The Grid View reporting tool makes generation of custom reports a fast and efficient process:

  • Live filtering as you type
  • Custom complex filters
  • Drag and drop to order
  • Print, save and email directly from the software

All reports can be exported to a wide range of formats including PDF, HTML, XLS, and CSV.

The features you need.
Not the features you don't.

Business doesn't stand still, so you need a solution that can keep pace with your changing business requirements and scale with your organization. Optional features and a flexible licensing model, mean that you can add functionality as you need, without paying for the features you don’t. Start with a package based on your requirements today, and add features as your needs change.

We don't charge for functionality that you'd expect to be part of any standard enterprise security system, and the base license comes packed with many extras including powerful reporting capability, CCTV integration, fully customizable status pages, graphical floor plans, and no limits on the number of users, events, schedules, areas, or hardware expansion.

Flexible license packs are available for doors, cameras, and many other features and integration packages, enabling you to easily extend your system as your business grows. Because we don't believe you should have to pay for a feature set you don't need.


Proximity or smart cards hold information that controls a user’s physical access to buildings and secure areas. Adding user details such as name, photo, signature and barcode to these cards, enhances security by adding a visual aspect to the identification. Photos are also displayed against the user events within ProtegeGX, enabling security personnel to quickly identify any discrepancies.


Many visitors enter a ‘secure’ building and gain access by simply writing their name in a log book. While a paper based system may seem quick and economical, it provides little security and poses a range of other problems. ProtegeGX enables you to register and track your visitors directly from the interface, effectively eliminating the need for a separate visitor management system.


Access Control systems control what users can do, where they can go, and when they can do it. They also record when these events occur, effectively allowing you to track and monitor staff movements on site. Time and Attendance reports eliminate the need for a separate timekeeping system by using the access data to provide information on the in and out movements of staff.


With no software to deploy to end user PCs, the web client provides a truly cross-platform solution that works on any platform and any device with a modern web browser. Wash your hands of dusty old desktop PCs with the freedom to monitor and control your sites from anywhere, at any time - the office, from home, or on the road. That freedom you’ve been waiting for.


Ninety percent of medium to large businesses use Active Directory services to provide centralized management of their servers, workstations, and users. ProtegeGX's Active Directory integrations provide synchronization and authentication for Active Directory users enabling these organizations to leverage on the user management and security policies that AD provides.


Knowing who's on site at any given time is a key requirement when it comes to complying with health and safety standards. Muster Reports allow you to quickly identify who is in a defined area by listing all users that have entered and/or exited via the readers associated with a door. These are ideal for creating an evacuation list when a fire alarm is triggered.


When certain events occur, it can be important that the right people are notified quickly. The Email on Event feature allows you to send an email to a predefined user automatically when specific events are triggered. For example, emailing a muster report to the fire marshall when a fire alarm is activated, or notifying a building manager when access to a secure door is granted (or denied).


Seamless integration between ProtegeGX and VoIP compliant Intercom systems, provides a cohesive, full featured communication solution. Protege workstations can be configured to register as a VoIP client, allowing direct communication with an IP intercom from within the GX interface.

No hidden licensing costs

Effortless to Extend.

Business doesn't stand still, so you need a solution that can keep pace with your changing requirements. The enterprise licensing model in Protege GX allows you to expand your site with ease, providing a solution that grows with you.

While many licensing models allow for unlimited growth, that growth can quickly lead to runaway license costs, making it difficult to forecast what a system will cost over the longer term. ProtegeGX has a flexible model that ensures you get all the features you need, without paying for the features you don’t. We don’t charge for functionality that you’d expect to be part of any standard enterprise security system, and the base license comes packed with many extras.

Protege GX offers two distinct license packs that scales as sites expand:

The Protege GX Starter License is designed to make implementation more cost-effective. This option is ideal for smaller organizations who want to adopt an enterprise-level solution while maintaining the flexibility to expand their Protege GX system as their site grows.

The Protege GX Standard License is ideal for large organizations with greater system requirements. The Standard License also adds Calendar Actions and Email on Event features.

Both license packs include powerful reporting capabilities, customizable status pages, graphical floor plans, and no restrictions on the number of users, events, schedules, areas, or hardware expansion modules.

Additional client, door and camera licenses can be purchased to extend the original configuration. These are only required when exceeding the quantity included in the site's current license. A starter license will support up to 100 doors (wired or wireless). For additional expansion, including camera integration, you can upgrade to a standard license.

License Comparison at a Glance
Concurrent client connections
1 1
Doors* 10 50
Sites 1 Unlimited
Cameras 0 1
DVRs Unlimited Unlimited
Calendar Actions
Not enabled
Email on Event
Not enabled Enabled
SOAP Web Service
Web Client
Not enabled Enabled
Web Operators
0 3

* wireless locks are considered doors and included in the total doors.

  View the datasheet for more details

Flexible license packs are available for doors, cameras, IP connected locking solutions and many other integration packages, enabling you to easily extend your system as your business grows.

A ceiling (or license cap) in ProtegeGX prevents runaway license costs and ensures that right from the start, you know exactly how much the software is going to cost, no matter how much the system expands. And with zero software maintenance fees, there are no ongoing costs or unwelcome invoices each year!  No strings attached.

License Caps

The enterprise licensing model in ProtegeGX allows for infinite expansion, resulting in a solution that grows with you.

Total cost of door licensing over ten years.
Based on a system that starts at 50 doors and grows by 50% per annum.
Door license caps exclude third party integrations.


Zero Software Maintenance Fees.

When you buy a ProtegeGX license from ICT, there are no software
maintenance fees, no contracts, and no hidden expenses.

Total cost of software ownership over 10 years.
Based on industry averages of 17% - 25% SMA


No strings attached.

Flexible System Architecture

The server based architecture makes ProtegeGX a truly global system, enabling you to securely manage, control and monitor an unlimited number of users, doors, areas, and other devices, in real time regardless of geographical location. A centralized database improves efficiency and keeps your valuable sensitive data secure - not tucked away on a laptop in the back of a company vehicle.

DIN Rail Controllers provide field intelligence ensuring that independent site operation is not reliant on connectivity with the server. With no limit on the number of Controllers that can be added to a ProtegeGX system, scalability is a key focus. Modular expansion allows each Controller to be extended up to 64 doors and 1000+ inputs and outputs. This flexibility makes both centrally located, home run control, and at the edge intelligence models to be mixed and matched to best fit the application.

ProtegeGX Server

Solid hardware technology with 32 bit processing and TCP/IP communication make the ProtegeGX System Management Suite and integrated system controllers the most powerful, easily integrated security management solution on the market.


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ProtegeGX DIN Rail
System Controller

The central processing unit within the ProtegeGX system providing:

 2 doors (4 readers)
8 multi purpose inputs
1 monitored bell output
2 Form C relay outputs
4 low current outputs


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ProtegeGX DIN Rail
Single Door Controller

The central processing unit within the ProtegeGX system providing:

1 door (2 readers)
2 multi purpose inputs
1 Form C relay output
Optional PoE


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