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Our training program is aimed at developing a community of certified professionals, and providing organizations with the opportunity to ensure their staff are fully trained and proficient in the implementation of ICT products. Whether you prefer the flexibility of self-paced online training, or the structure and interaction of an instructor-led classroom course, there’s an option to suit you.

We have a variety of courses and certifications available. If you've signed up on our website already, just click the links below to get started. If you haven't yet signed up, register now to get started.

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Protege Training Kits

Protege training kits enable you to enhance your integration skills and participate in practical assessments with minimal physical hardware. An excellent sales tool, the kits can also be used to demonstrate the functionality of the system or used as a test bench by technicians.

Protege WX Training Kit Protege GX Training Kit

ICT Online Classroom

We understand that traditional classroom training is just too inflexible and too inconvenient. With clients of their own to take care of, not everyone can afford to take the time away from the office or to train all technicians at once. Likewise, everybody is unique with their own level of knowledge and learning style, and the pace in a classroom environment does not always suit everyone.

So we’ve taken the ‘in’ out and developed the very flexible and convenient ICT Online Classroom. One of the major benefits of the Online Classroom is that you can fit it around your work schedule.

Anywhere. Anytime. At your pace.

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Facilitated Training

Online training is not for everyone and we appreciate that some people prefer the structure and interaction offered in a conventional classroom environment. We still run face-to-face classroom training enabling you to cover the same material in one concise course and under the expert guidance of one of our knowledgeable trainers.

With a much greater focus on real world scenarios, our facilitated courses allow technicians to get their hands on the product and become confident in installing and maintaining ICT systems.

We run regular courses at our training facilities in Auckland (NZ) and in Denver (CO) as well as courses in other regions throughout the year based on demand. We can even bring our factory training course to your premises to save travel costs and downtime for your technicians.

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Live Webinars

We offer a series of live and interactive free training webinars to get in-depth understanding of some of the most frequently asked questions. These webinars are a great opportunity to engage with our subject matter experts in order to enhance your knowledge and skillset in a virtual environment. Our range of webinars include topics like Working with Controllers, Understanding Licensing, Password Management, Reporting Services, Working with Modules, Dealing with Events and many more.

Our live webinars will help you to touch base on a wide variety of ICT skills and productivity topics, and keep you up to date on the latest ICT industry trends.

If you are a certified integrator seeking to upskill and learn more about ICT Protege products, then check out the free two-hour webinars available.

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Courses Available

Certified Protege WXpert

This course will guide you through how to plan, install and configure a ProtegeWX system to ensure successful implementation. Covering everything from wiring and system architecture, through to advanced programming.

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Certified ProtegeGX Installer (Level 1)

Aimed at installers responsible for small to medium Protege projects. This course will teach you how to plan, install and configure Protege systems to ensure successful implementation of an intruder detection and access control solution.

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Certified ProtegeGX Integrator (Level 2)

Take your installer training to the next level. Aimed at integrators responsible for installing medium to large Protege projects, this course has a focus on advanced system programming. It also covers the entire feature set available enabling you to focus on specific areas.

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ProtegeGX Field Technician

Aimed at sub-contractors and technicians responsible for the installation of ProtegeGX hardware and working under the supervision of a Certified ProtegeGX Installer, Integrator or Administrator, this course equips you with the necessary skills to install ProtegeGX hardware and perform initial configuration.

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ProtegeGX Sales Engineer

Aimed at sales professionals and engineering staff, this course ensures you have a solid understanding of how the ProtegeGX system fits together, and that you are equipped with the required skills and knowledge to sell, engineer, and provide accurate quotes for ProtegeGX projects.

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Certification provides your organization with recognition of your skills and knowledge. It also gives our users peace of mind in the knowledge that ICT qualified professionals are responsible for the installation, implementation, management and administration of ICT products.
There are three certification levels available: Installer, Integrator, and Administrator.

Once all modules for a course have been completed and the corresponding online exams have been passed, the final step to gaining certification is a supervised exam. Exams are carried out at an ICT approved facility with a minimum pass rate of 80% required to achieve certification. A practice assessment is available online so technicians can make sure they’re prepared before sitting the final exam.

Maintaining Certification

Technicians must maintain certification to ensure their skills and knowledge remain current. Certified Installers are required to undertake an annual exam to remain current. Certified Integrators and Certified Administrators must undertake a three day course every two years.


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